Le partenaire exclusif de grands médias locaux




  • Il Tridente - Maserati Magazine, the completely redesigned „Il Tridente” will be published October 1st, 2016. The Magazine will be presented to the audience at the Paris Motor Show with a lot of attention guaranteed.
  • Programmatic buying Italy - we offer the advertiser the winning asset for  an effective planning
  • SZ-Magazin will surprise the readers with an additional "WOW" issue, published on Friday, 14 October 2016  - Theme: Women Special | - “How we became what we are”. Well-known female politicians, female fashion designers, female artists and also actresses tell us about key moments in their lives.
  • New partnership with Epoch Media Group - how to communicate with the Chnese Tourists! Please call us.

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Affinity-PrimeMEDIA est une régie publicitaire internationale, basée en Suisse près de Lausanne, fondée en Novembre 2000.
Nous sommes le partenaire exclusif de grands médias locaux et internationaux.

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