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Février 2016

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Interesting results out of a survey done by Roularta Belgium: the younger you are, the more important exclusivity is in the definition of a luxury item. The older you are, the more prominent the role of quality.

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BMW Magazine

Last reminder for the first issue 2016!BMW

Take the advantage of the next issue and advertise with us! Lets celebrate together “The next 100 years“ – special issue.

Talk to your top target group – the BMW drivers in Germany, Great Britain, Canada, South Korea or where ever over the world!

Edition 1/2016 published 12.5.16 Booking deadline: 17.03.16* to check

Those who own a BMW value the good things in life. BMW Magazine conveys the spirit and lifestyle of the brand, inspiring its readers around the globe.

Modern, vivacious, discerning, curious – such attributes equally describe the BMW brand, BMW Magazine and its readers.

They form the ideal prerequisites for successful advertising communications that reach a premium target group of open-minded, solvent connoisseurs.

Target: Men 60% / Women 40

Age groups
30–39 years = 22%
40–49 years = 21%
50–59 years = 20%

My Kempinski MagazinMedia Kit My Kempinski-CORR.indd

The e-version of the magazine is online and available on the app store.

Next Issues:
Summer – June 2016
Winter – November 2016


The Jewellery EditorTJE iMac

The world’s most successful online luxury magazine and social media hub devoted exclusively to fine jewellery and watches.

  • What do we sell?
  • Annual Native Content Packages
  • One-off Native Content
  • Commission on Sales
  • Banners

Download the latest mediakit here.




A survey on the theme of LUXURY was sent out in the autumn to the readers of Knack Weekend, Vif Weekend, Nest, Plus Magazine and Style Trends. 4461 readers gave us their vision. And yes, those who replied were a perfect balance of both sexes. Luxury is therefore not exclusively reserved for women...

Luxury, is this still a concept in today’s world? What does luxury mean to our readers? What makes an object a luxury object?

Interesting results: the younger you are, the more important exclusivity is in the definition of a luxury item. The older you are, the more prominent the role of quality.

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Strong brands, available everywhere

Roularta’s strong brands are available everywhere: both in print and online. The various target groups can therefore access our brands through whichever communication channel they prefer.

Thanks to Roularta, readers have access to information anytime and anywhere. This 360° approach is part of our general advertising strategy.

Discover our different media channels:

Roularta Magazines


Roularta Local Media manages the regional media within the Roularta portfolio: De Streekkrant/De Weekkrant, De Zondag, Steps City Magazine and De Krant Van West-Vlaanderen.

Roularta Local Media guarantees quick and efficient customised solutions.


A site in which each title has its own section! -

The site reaches  more than 1,000,000 real users per month on PCs and laptops.

Check out the full details of the different editorial sections of the site from the public figures to online advertising with Roularta Media. And don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like us to carry out your customised campaigns.

Close to the readers at any given moment

Join us on Roularta’s mobile sites and benefit from the popularity of our brands!

Looking for new contacts? Think Lead Generation

Lead generation uses a database of unique profiles with opt-in addresses from Roularta Media. Roularta Business Leads offers advertisers the possibility of acquiring business leads from both the B2B and the B2C segments.

The advantages of Lead Generation:

  1. -Visibility and brand recognition within the Roularta Media Group target groups
  2. -Informing interested people (content, tips, magazine, ...)
  3. -Positioning as an expert in a sector or in relation to a specific theme
  4. -Being part of an e-letter content
  5. -Extending your database with interesting and interested profiles
  6. -Generating concrete and qualitative leads
  7. -Possibility of generating opt-ins, meetings with clients, offers ...
  8. -Measurable ROI


Kanaal Z / Canal ZCanal Z

Kanaal Z and Canal Z, the only business channels in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels, guarantee reliable reporting on finance and economics with a clear vision of business, economics and money.

The varied and specialised programming from Kanaal Z and Canal Z, together with the new, innovative approach, have led to loyal viewing behaviour and have resulted in the channels becoming one of the biggest digital channels in the country.

  • 579,000 viewers/day*
  • 2,200,000 viewers/week*

In addition to the ‘Homo Economicus’, Kanaal Z and Canal Z also target the entrepreneur, the manager, the person starting up, and the financially-aware person in the street.



A&W – Architektur & WohnenA&W

A&W Architektur & Wohnen provides comprehensive, professional and engaging articles on trends in the home sector, architecture, interior and product design, as well as landscape gardening.

A&W Architektur & Wohnen is conceived as a popular magazine, while also being valued by experts.

Following specials will be published, beside the main issues:

  • A&W 03/2016 The best furniture stores in Germany
    Publication date: 10.05.2016 - Booking deadline 17.03.2016
  • A&W 04/2016 The best kitchen studios in Germany
    Publication date: 05.07.2016 - Booking deadline 17.05.2016
  • A&W 05/2016 Light & Building
    Publication date : 06.09.2016 - Booking deadline 19.07.2016
  • A&W 06/2016 Watches & Jewellery
    Publication date : 08.11.2016 – Booking deadline 19.09.2016

Furthermore to note already today:

Special CAR DESIGNCar Design

distributed together with:

A&W Architektur & Wohnen no 5 – 6.9.16
Der Feinschmeckier no 10 – 14.9.16

Circulation: 180’000 copies – reach 1.1 million readers

Talk to our women!


Announcement:  Luxe! Awards

For the 8th consecutive year, MADAME will distribute the special Luxe!Award among the most desired watches & jewelleries within the categories of:

  • Classics
  • Fashionable
  • Extravagant

And new this year, young designers will be promoted under the section of “avant-garde” as well.

MADAME is at the top list of the premium segment of women’s magazines. It provides its readers with a multifaceted range of topics; fashion, beauty/wellness, art, culture, travel, design & living


THE casual style guide for the modern woman. Germany's Fashion and Beauty guide that provides reports, stories, fashion and beauty for the strong confident woman.

PETRA has won 8.2% more readers as per the latest survey MA I/2016, the reach today it 1.14 million readers. The actual circulation is 165’000 copies monthly.


JOLIE is THE multimedia brand in the women´s monthly magazine segment. Its readers are stonger connected – in real life as well as in the digital world – than to any other magazine in this segment.Jolie

JOLIE presents glamorous fashion shoots, the looks of the stars, authentic portraits and interviews, opulent beauty series, exciting reports, service topics and real-life stories. Inspiration for every young, aspiring woman.

The variety of topics helped JOLIE to become the women´s magazine with the highest gross media penetration in Germany.

Target group Women between 20 and 39 years, natural, self-confident, open, inquisitive, with own opinion.



Exclusive Brand – Event – you can become a special Partner


  • Site Takeover
  • Reach: 35.000 AdImpressions
  • Costs: € 2.625,- (net)


  • Site Takeover
  • Reach: 245.000 AdImpressions
  • Costs: € 13.965,- (net)


The Professional Networks

The professional Network has seen a 67% increase YoY in unique browsers growing from 31.9m to 53.3m in the last year to May.

Take a look at our networks here.



Bonnier Tidskrifter

Bonnier Tidskrifter’s brands have over 2 million unique visitors per week. “Compared with last year, we increased the number of unique visitors by 10%. We’re also seeing the effects of the new design we’re implementing in the form of more time spent and better viewability metrics,” says Sanna Wijkström, Head of Digital Advertising.



Blond Publishing

Please read the interview about the positive development done by  www.persö  with Tobias Trevisan…

After FAZ, NZZ and “Tages-Anzeiger“ à fashion magazine… (in German)


Our February Issue is out now with Elizabeth Olsen wearing Givenchy on the cover with styling by @santabevacqua and photography by Todd Cole.

Order your personal copy
Advertise with us in the upcoming editions :
24.4.16 – Jewellery * booking deadline 5.3.16
26.5.16 – Summer Fashion
23.6.16 – Summer Beauty & Fashion

CONCIERGE MAPS GenevaConcierge Maps

Concierge Maps created a unique, high added value product targeting the most affluent city visitors.

Don’t miss the upcoming issues – communicate with our affluent travelers and shoppers!

Dedicated to Luxury Brands!

Every major city has its tourism industry, and city guides abound that target those tourists. However most of these city guides target all audiences, from the shoestring budget traveller to the wealthy business traveller. Targeting everyone means a focus on no-one. As a result these guides are barely worth the ink used for your luxury brand, because the wealthiest travellers will turn their noses up at them.

This is not the case with the city guides from Concierge Maps. Every Concierge Maps city Concierge Maps 2guide is tailor made to luxury hotels’ strict guidelines, and features only the top brands and names that the affluent travellers are looking for when they travel.

Advertising with Concierge Maps provides a targeted audience: high net worth individuals who have the buying power to afford your luxurious brand. These city guides are used by concierges throughout Geneva, Moscow and London / Paris soon. They are offered free of charge to guests to complement the rest of the luxury hotel’s offerings.

With your advertisement in Concierge Maps city guides, you can ensure better monitoring of your return on investment than is typically possible through magazine advertisements, because the customers will walk into your boutiques with these high quality, soft-touch varnish bound city guides in their pockets or hands. Your managers will see, first hand, the result of your marketing efforts as the most affluent travellers find their way to your boutique.

Geneva Edition

Concierge Maps deadlines

Read our latest mailing (French) LE DECLIN DU LUXE?


Since January 2016 you can advertise with us also ONLINE, formats and offers on request.
Check out this new fashion editorial, exclusive to our online page!


Truck Advertising

MAP (Mobile Advertising Panel)

Mediatype: Outdoor
Media Category: Transport Media / TRUCKS
Region: United Arab Emirates


People are out and about more, especially the younger more affluent groups. More people
are seeing Outdoor advertisements. But what about reaching young& older consumers who live in areas where traditional outdoor has no access?

Please ask for /Mediakit or request your personal offer for your campaign!

For advice and/or information on our different media types, contact our sales office :

Eva Favre

Stéphanie Long

Claudia Veras

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