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Janvier 2016

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Concierge Maps – New collaboration!

What we do

Concierge Maps creates personalised luxury city guides, produced and distributed free of Concierge Maps 2charge. Each city guide beautifully showcases each hotel, its services and the surrounding area.

Developed alongside the concierge team, our city guides are a powerful tool that helps guests throughout their stay and ensures they enjoy only the very best each city has to offer; shopping, museums, events, history and more.

The relationship that Concierge Maps has developed with its advertising partners reinforces the ties between luxury brands and local hotels; helping build a bond beneficial to all parties involved.

How we are different

Unlike the unwieldy and oversized foldout maps offered by our competitors, our guide comes in a discreet and useful format with an easy to fold map, all the useful numbers and Concierge Mapsdetails of the city’s major museums and main attractions. The cover has a premium soft touch varnish in keeping with its high production values.

Read more here.

Concierge Maps users are empowered, influential and affluent. They are an international audience who travel with high buying power.

By working alongside each hotel’s concierge team, we ensure our guides are as useful as possible for its users in each city.

  • Geneva Edition - 125,000 copies - Reach 225,000
  • Moscow Edition - 65,000 copies - Reach 162,000
  • London & Paris Edition - Coming Soon!


L’OFFICIEL Switzerland is online

Come and visit us... www.l’




BMW Magazin GlobalBMW

Something is going on...

Special anniversary -  BMW Magazine centennial-edition 1/2016!

100 years of BMW and BMW Group will be opulently presented under the motto „The next 100 years“. 100 pages of dynamic, innovation and lifestyle. The BMW brand achieved a legendary status and is globally known and desired.

This first class editorial environment of the upcoming issue attracts significant attention in a high-level targetgroup.

An added-value for all futur advertsing clients! The centennial-edition of BMW Magazine will be published May, 12th 2016.

  • Edition 1/2016 published 12.5.16
    Booking deadline:  14.03.16
  • Edition 2/2016 published 15.9.16
    Booking deadline : 18.7.2016

The BMW Magazine is a premium publication for private buyers of new BMWs worldwide.

Reports, interviews and features by top international journalists give readers a sense of the quality, image and lifestyle associated with the global BMW brand.

The high standards and seriousness of the research, along with the quality and originality of the articles and photos, form the basis of an intelligent and fascinating magazine.

The magazine’s layout and visuals also put it among the top flight of international publications.

By today, the following editions are confirmed :

BMW circulation language

full page



2. US + p. 3

Group Magazine     EURO opening spread
Germany 400.000 German 15.500 33.000
Great Britain 400.000 English 10.200 21.530
Netherlands 75.000 Dutch   3.800   8.090
Austria* 50.000 German   3.320   7.210
Italy 10.000 Italian   2.500   5.500
Czech. Rep. 14.000 Czech   2.860   6.330
Turkey 32.000 Turkish   2.040   5.890
Hungary 15.000 Hungarian   2.800   6.160
Canada 122.000 English/French   4.000   8.600
Japan 100.000 Japanese   6.200 13.400
Singapore 15.000 English   3.100   6.900
South Korea 100.000 Korean   6.730 14.208



The Jewellery Editor

New study done in November 2016!

NATIVE ADVERTISING - Our audience is growing !

135,000 Monthly impressions
270,000 Monthly page views
100,000 Monthly users

TJE iMac

42% of the traffic is from desktop

TJE iPad

58% of the traffic is from Mobile & Tablet

Our audience is international


39% FROM Europe – 28% from the Americas – 28% from Asia – 3 % from Oceania – 2% rest of the world.

Our audience is affluent


Figures from our Analytics and from a survey conducted by Bright Blue on a sample of 236 people carried between 16th and 30th November 2015.

Download new mediapack here.




Special  “Wintersport” editions are planned as following:

Title Issue Date Deadline reservation Deadline material
Knack Historia 12/10/2016 19/09/2016 21/09/2016
Le Vif Historia 14/10/2016 19/09/2016 21/09/2016
  • Circulation: 116.500 copies Knack Extra and 78.000 copies Le Vif Extra
  • Stapled, glazed cover, glossy inside pages
  • Size: H 267 x B 202
  • Distributed with the total circulation of Knack and Le Vif / L’Express



A site in which each title has its own section!

The site reaches more than 1,000,000 real users per month on PCs and laptops.

Check out the full details of the different editorial sections of the site from the public figures to online advertising with Roularta Media. And don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like us to carry out your customised campaigns.

Ask for personalized special offers!




Two new sections

MADAME expanded with the #2/16 (13.1.16) two new sections: BUSINESS STYLE and JEWELLRY STYLING.

The two new pages are placed in the front part of the fashion news, before the end of the NEWS and it continues to the REFLEXION content.

A brand new double page BUSINESS STYLE is published in issue 2/16. The single page JEWELRY STYLING will appear for the first time in issue 3/16.

MADAME Beauty in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung!


 Madeame Beauty

 “Beauty and well-being – the measure of all things”!

The topics are Beauty & Wellness: When is the best time to put an end to wrinkles from facial expressions etc.? What opportunities are there? Cosmetic surgeons and aesthetic dermatologists answer all the questions and concerns. Or: What can men and women do so that grey hair looks lively and lustrous? Because grey is the new blond! And: The great trend barometer for masculine beauty.

Like in MADAME all topics are treated in a sensual and stylish manner, have attitude and personality, and are conveyed in an opulent, exceptional visual language.

First day of sale:

  • May 8th 2016 and October 30th 2016
  • Print circulation 340.862 (IVW 3/15)
  • Ad rate full page 4c EU 30’250

A & W – Architektur & Wohnen

And the winner is...

A&W Architektur & Wohnen is the winner in the current circulation comparison IVW III/2015 (in the direct competitors segment): A&W + 5.5%!

Also in the sector of total sales with 98’271 copies (+3,9% compared to the previous years quarter) A&W Architektur & Wohnen confirms clearly its leadership in the market.

20 years anniversary of the A&W Designer of the Year: At the IMM Cologne 2016 A&W will award the 20th Designer of the Year Award which became the most popular and important design prize of the magazine scene in Europe!

Download the profile including description of the readership here.

Süddeutsche Zeitung MagazinSMZ

When beautiful turns to unique.

Every Friday the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin is published as a magazine supplement to the newspaper and calls the readers into the weekend. The magazine encourages discussion with its essays, it inspires with creative photo galleries and gives trend guidance in regular special editions. SZ-Magazin has not only readers, it has more than other magazines wish for: loyal friends and fans.

  • Reach : 1.14 million readers (AWA 2015)
  • Circulation: 354,247 net paid copies of Süddeutsche Zeitung Monday to Friday (IVW 3rd quarter 2015)
Audience population aged 14 + 69.24 M = 100% SZ-Magazin readers 1.27 M = 100%
Male 49 % 55 %
Female 51 % 45 %
Average age 48,5 % 53,1 %
Age: 20-49 years 45 % 40 %
Higher Income (3,000 Eur +) 38 % 52 %
I am willing to pay more for good quality 67 % 82 %
Trendsetters 10 % 21 %
Mobile Cosmopolitans 16 % 36 %
Source: AWA 2015    


Last Call – MERIANMerian

Book your space in the Extra “lake of Geneva culinary” GENFERSEE

  1. Publishing Date: 14th April 2016
  2. Booking Deadline: 15th February 2016

MERIAN, the most prestigious German travel and culture magazine published a “Lake Geneva culinary” extra.

Regularly the "World Happiness Report" whose ranking is fed from subjective and objective data, places the country of Switzerland on the first place. Plenty of good reasons for that every visitor of the Lake Geneva can see with own eyes: Spectacular nature, healthy climate and a long tradition of enjoying. Whether culture, fine delicacies, pure wines, romantic guest houses or luxury hotels - the region of the Lake Geneva offers the best prerequisites for an unforgettable journey.



The Guardian

Things are certainly showing no signs of slowing down at the Guardian. In December NRS PADD data shows we continue to hold our place as the UK's no. 1 quality newsbrand. We've also just launched Guardian Response+ Assured, our premium platform guaranteeing that 100% advertisers’ spend will be viewed by real people.

The Guardian is No. 1

The Guardian continues to hold the title of the UK's leading quality newsbrand across print, mobile and desktop with 23m monthly readers. We also continue to be the most read national quality daily among 15-34s, with a readership of over 10m per month within this age group.

Influential Brands

Launched by Marketing Week, this study measures the influence  of nearly 200 of the UK's largest brands, as well as providing a planning tool to further leverage influence among consumers.  Find out the power of influence for brands today



The luxury supplement

This tabloid magazine (supplement) is distributed to the Yomiuri Shimbun subscribers. Since the foundation of 2007, Katsuto Tai who acts as the chief editor of“Marie Claire Style” follows the editing production unification as well.

Prominent editorial introduces luxurious products for Men's & Lady’s and attracts the people who have a refined sense of fashion, living in Tokyo urban areas (Jonan, Josai).

Distribution : inserted in the Yomiuri Morning edition Central Tokyo (approx. 310,000 copies)

Publication dates / themes 2016

  • 12.03 Couples
  • 15.06 Watches
  • 04.11 X’mas1
  • 02.12 X’mas2



Exclusive interview with Poppy Delevingne

Read our exclusive interview with Poppy Delevingne about her collaboration with Edgardo Osorio for Aquazzura in December issue of L'OFFICIEL Suisse

Advertise with us in the upcoming editions :

  • 24.3.16 – Beauty
  • 26.5.16 – Summer Fashion
  • 23.6.16 – Beauty & Fashion

L’OFFICIEL Artl'officiel art

Naughty but good!

Get a copy of th current issue of L'OFFICIEL Art, featuring a cover by Sylvie Fleury and packed with many more great stories. Avaible at newstands and selected bookstores in Switzerland!

Nest issues:

  • 26.5.16 – booking deadline 8.4.16
  • 8.12.16 – booking deadline 21.10.16


Issues 2016 : 25.2.16 and 25.8.16


Issues 2016 : 24.3.16 and 22.9.16

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