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June July 2016

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We believe in it.. The brain's take on magazine advertising - why does it work?

11 Apr 2016  |  Heather Andrew         

Heather Andrew, CEO of Neuro-Insight UK, explains the neuroscience behind the enduring popularity of magazines brands.

1.6.16 guardian Heather Andrew

As the debate about the changing nature of content evolves to embrace the multitude of free digital experiences, it would be easy to overlook that 73% of the UK are reading a printed magazine every month for an average of 52 minutes and that these environments provide unique opportunities for advertising.

Research into subconscious responses to ads indicates that magazines actually offer a highly effective context for placing ads. Read more




Prepare your futur!

We are proud to announce a new partnership with Epoch Media Group

Epoch Media-Presence-Map-LARGE-V2-1024x692


“The mission of the Epoch Media Group -  tell the truth.
John Tang, Founder and CEO, Epoch Media Group

read more on  :

The Most Trusted Source of Information about China and Chinese Market.


. New Immigrants

. International Students

. International Visitors/Tourists

- Chinese purchased $37 billion of international residential property in 2013.
- 70% paid cash.
- The Chinese are expected to invest $180 billion on international property.
- Why more than 80% of the luxury goods bought by Chinese people were purchased outside of China?

Headquartered in NYC and with offices in 40 countries, we publish in 8 languages in print (1.7 million copies per week), 21 languages online, and have a global digital network with more than 20 million unique visitors and 160 million page views per month.

We also have a global Chinese TV network with audience reach of over 100 million viewers in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. We offer premium contents, uncensored information, timely and insightful news to Chinese readers/audiences worldwide.

We are also the biggest provider of  VPN (Virtual Private Network) service to Chinese people.  Using cutting-edge technology, we provide tens of millions of luxury Chinese people free and secured access to premium contents and luxury information that is not widely available in China. With our VPN service, luxury Chinese people enjoy the same level of luxury contents and information as people in Europe or US. Our audiences include the most prominent Chinese families, intellectuals, government officials, business leaders, international jet-setters, luxury travelers and globe trotters - the upper echelon and the elite Chinese people who are savvy, sophisticated and discerning.  They are the the most avid and loyal audiences to our leading Chinese media - Epoch Times ( and New Tang Dynasty Television (, which offers wealth of information for the wide interests of the readers - international news, finance, business, lifestyle, travel, entertainment, education, health and fitness, fashion, sports, arts and culture.

We've been advising global brands and companies on their China and Chinese market strategy, providing them with behind-the-scene insights and foresight to successfully guide their business development.

Pamela Tsai, Head of the Global Marketing can provide a detailed presentation on request. Please contact in order to organise a meeting.



The new Roularta Media e-letter is aimed at all sport lovers. A 100% male audience from social groups 1-4!

roularta sport e newsletter

Are you looking to score with a young, male target group?

and shine in one of the upcoming Sport e-letters.




robb report d

Countdown…and some news see on

WELCOME to Joern Kengelbach Editor-in-Chief of Robb Report Germany

Read more here



Robb Report Germany is the the German-language licensed edition of the renowned an internationally successful lifestyle and luxury magazine Robb Report. The first issue will be available in October 2016.

Download Factsheet

Combine your campaign with Robb Report Online – the website for ultimate luxury consumers


madame beauté FAS beauté

You can order the current issue of the MADAME BEAUTé supplement which was placed in the F.A.S. in May 2016.

Following its success the next issue will be published as following:

On sale dates: 30 October, 2016
Ad deadline : 24 July 2016
Print run F.A.S.:  340,862 copies (IVW III/2015)
Sold circulation F.A.S.: 276,030 copies (IVW III/2015)
Reach F.A.S.: 1,129,000 readers (AWA 2015)

The theme is completely and utterly beauty: “Beauty and well-being – the measure of all things!”

Join us!

Should you be interested in an individual offer or you’d wish to receive further information, please feel free to ">contact us.


Is celebrating its 800th issue! … in December 2016


Sophisticated fashion & luxury since 1952.

Be partner of this special issue published on November 9th 2016 (December issue)

Booking deadline: 21.9.16

Further Editorial Jewellery & Watch calendar 2nd Half 2016

SEPTEMBER - ISSUE 09 (first day of sale : 10/08/2016)
Big Accessoire Special as an extra magazine in the main issue

OKTOBER - ISSUE 10 (first day of sale : 14/ 09/2016)
Big watch series

NOVEMBER - ISSUE 11 (first day of sale : 12/10/2016)
Haute Décor: glamorous Accessoires

DEZEMBER - ISSUE 12 (first day of sale : 09/11/2016)
Big Jewellery issue



The desire to travel: LAUNCH-OFFER MERIAN.DE


Special offer available until 31st July 2016: BRAND EVENT

Exclusive and complete branding throughout website

Placement / Period

◦ Complete website (homepage, section and editorial pages for 1 week

Ad Formats

  • Wallpaper/Fireplace and / or Billboard with background coloring
  • Medium Rectangle/Halfpage Ad
  • Dynamic Sitebar and Medium Rectangle/Halfpage Ad with background coloring Scribble shows a Fireplace + Billboard is one of the leading online travel magazines.

Unique User: 80,000 per month
Visits: 151,069 per month
Page Impressions: 463,489 per month
Newsletter subscribers: approx. 15,000




Dagens Industri

Dagens Industri provides Sweden with business news and analyses in a wide range of platforms

Print media, digital devices or eye-to-eye meetings – our readers can choose how and where they want to take part of our content. Every week Dagens Industri’s products reach 1,300,000 entrepeneurs and other decision makers but also people with a high interest in business, shares and the stock market. A great part of our readers are also high income consumers, early adopters and are willing to pay for quality and design.

Readers profile age:
16-24: 6 %
25-34: 13 %
35-44: 19 %
45-54: 26 %
55-64: 18 %
65-80: 18 %

Gender: men 70 % / female 30 %



Dagens Nyheter is one of four daily national newspapers. The brand is one of the most credible in Sweden. Our content is commented by many other media. The domestic news is one of the most popular sections.

Readers profile age:

16-24: 9,7 %
25-34: 12,8 %
35-49: 25,7 %
50-64: 27,2 %
65-80: 24,6 %

Gender: men 51 % / female 49 %




The magazine is received by all 31,500 people in Sweden who have a declared income in excess of 1.5 million kronor.

These are very capable people: they benefit others by developing their businesses, they possess unique skills, and they create added value for the wider society and the people around them. Aside from being the country’s biggest spenders, our readers are also decision makers and decision shapers in the business world. More than half of our readers are in management positions or run their own companies.

4 issues per year:  February, May, October and December

Special edition: Connoisseur Exclusive in December

Reach: 65,000
Circulation: 31,500
Circulation Special Edition: 15,000

Facts about Connoisseurs readers:

  • Connoisseurs readers own an average of 3-5 watches each.
  • 48,7 % has bought something through Connoisseur.
  • 44,9 % of readers use private banking services.
  • 65,7 % of readers have at least two homes.

Readers profile age:

16-29: 21%
30-44: 23%
45-64: 37%
65-80: 19%




Officiel suisse

Our new June issue is now available on nationwide newsstands!

Here you can get a little glimpse:

Next issues:
25.8.16 – Fashion & Trends
22.9.16 – Beauty
27.10.16 – Winterfashion
24.11.16 – Holiday – Special / JEWELLERY / CHRISTMAS
26.1.17 – Watches & Jewellery


Concierge Maps continue its development !

The luxury Partner Hotels in Geneva just received their 7th edition of Concierge Maps. We publish two editions per year with a total circulation of 250’000 copies.

21 Luxury Hotels in Geneva : Designed and customized content with each hotel.

20 Advertising partners: Exclusively reserved for the most iconic and world renowned brands.

See our guide Concierge maps

Next issue: November 11th 2016

How we are different
Unlike the unwieldy and oversized foldout maps offered by our competitors, our guide comes in a discreet and useful format with an easy to fold map, all the useful numbers and details of the city’s major museums and main attractions. The cover has a premium soft touch varnish in keeping with its high production values.

Order an actual example copy

Further information about calendars, rates, readerprofile can be found on:


Route de Mollie-Margot 1
CH-1073 Savigny

+41 (0)21 781 08 50
+41 (0)21 781 08 51