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Founded in 1921, L’Officiel is an international publishing brand with over 30 national editions, featuring the best of fashion and culture in collaboration with the biggest names in the industry today, including the likes of Steven Klein, Nick Knight, Inez & Vinoodh, Nicola Formichetti, Patrick Demarchelier and more, providing its audience a unique blend of cutting-edge fashion and exclusive content.
With the launch of L’Officiel USA’s first print edition in March of 2018, the brand now looks to share its international vision with a US audience. Combining both men’s and women’s fashion in a bi-monthly publication in conjunction with its digital platform,
lofficielusa.com—which features daily, exclusive multi-media content—L’Officiel USA provides readers with the very best that fashion, art, music, film, and culture have to offer.

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Nos lecteurs sont bien éduqués, ont un haut revenue et aime la mode, les voyages, la beauté et bien plus...

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