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In addition to a constant flow of up-to-date news, and offer background information from both home and abroad. The site linked, to the magazine Knack and Le Vif l’Express, casts a critical look at world events, highlighting them from a people, physical, economic or political point of view. Extras: - daily newsletter - mobile site - tablet apps


Economy / Finance / (NL+FR)

A trend-setting website for all those interested in economics and finance. The website discusses the day’s news from an economic point of view and shows various aspects of the world of business. informs you about money issues and provides stock information.

Extras: - daily newsletter - mobile site - tablet apps. / offer you the possibility to watch the programmes of Canal Z / Kanaal Z in “streaming video” whenever you want. The websites also features a constant update of the most important political and economical news.


Lifestyle / Fashion (NL+FR) (D+F)

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Surfers can find news, trends and background information about fashion, beauty, design, travel and culinary on thanks to permanent updates. Images of all important fashion shows are shown online only a few hours after the models left the runway. Extras: - newsletter 2x / week - newsletter culinary news - culinary newsletter: recipes - newsletter travelling - mobile site - tablet apps


Women / 50+ (NL+FR)

The site is based on 6 categories: ‘Law & Money’, ‘Health’, ‘Man & Opinion’, ‘Leisure’, ‘Lifestyle’ and ‘Multimedia’. Besides consulting information, you can discuss on our forum, react on articles, take part in contests, resolve puzzles, consult our event calendar and much more. Extras: - weekly newsletter - fortnightly newsletter Health.


Entertainment / Culture / (NL+FR)

The French language focus website gives you information on music, films, comic strips, multimedia, TV and the media. Extras: - weekly newsletter - mobile site - tablet apps


Sport /

The sport website par excellence! keeps you up to date with the latest news from the world of sport. The emphasis is on football, but there is coverage of other sports. The website also allows you to enter plenty of competitions. Extras: - weekly newsletter - mobile site - tablet apps


Construction / (NL+FR)

Strong editorial basis: inspiring and informative website for those looking to build, renovate or design. Online  showroom with thousands of photos. Extras: - weekly newsletter


Professional press / Technology (NL+FR) is the online representation of the weekly magazine Data News. Every day, many articles are published, covering Belgian and international ICT & technology news.

The editorial team keeps you updated on the latest scoops while selecting all news rigorously, based on intrinsic news value and market relevance, an approach highly appreciated by the site’s visitors.


  • Strong editorial content: hot local and international ICT news, in-depth specials, opinionated columns, blogs, …

  • A job platform specially targeted at ICT professionals & managers, unique in Belgium

  • Online guides: Security & Storage Guide, ICT Guide, Career Guide, Innovation Guide

  • An agenda delivering an overview of the most important Belgian ICT events

  • A download section

  • ‘Products’ gives you an overview of the latest multimedia and technical gadgets. Our editorial team and a number of freelance bloggers review the coolest, funniest and most surprising electronic gadgets on a daily basis.

  • Business ICT is the magazine pre-eminently for the ICT professional & manager.

On our website you can find a selection of the most interesting articles from the magazine. In the Focus topic, ICT fi les are explored (in the utmost detail). The Business topic learns more about how ICT can support your business.

The Practice topic illustrates the most interesting case studies and provides you with practical ICT tips & tricks. Extras: - daily newsletter - mobile site - tablet apps.

Most important website for the graphic industry. Extras: - weekly newsletter.

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Everything from real estate to lawyers, from jobs to cars, from vacations to leisure activities.



We offer a very important choice for your online recruitment campaigns. Get your career off to a brilliant start with GO! helps starters in the careers market to find the ideal job. The Go starters guide, packed full of tips ranging from how to write an initial job application to the first day at work, is accessible on the website. The website also complements the starter guide with extra tips and current job vacancies. Extras: - weekly newsletter


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