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News/Business + iPad app & mobile site

News portal of the 3rd biggest weekly information magazines in the world. + iPad app & mobile site

Economic and financial news. + iPad app

The website brings current news, analyses, interviews and tips that help the owners of small and medium businesses to optimize the management of their enterprises.



For women who like to take care of themselves and the whole family. + iPad app & mobile site

The BOA FORMA website is entirely dedicated to the woman who wants to live a healthy life and to stay in shape. + mobile site

BONS FLUIDOS talks about the relationship the female reader has with herself, with home, family, body, mind, others and the world. + mobile site

The biggest and most important website for the Brazilian girl who never stops growing! + iPad App

The website is full of tips on current affairs, fashion, beauty, health, family, home, food, spirituality, sex, love, shopping and career. + mobile site

It's the only celebrity website that values talent and that includes personalities you know and recognize as celebrities. + mobile site

The website motivates and orients the woman who is looking for personal and professional fulfilment.

Fashion, beauty and lifestyle of celebrities translated into the real lives of internet users.

A  practical manual for women who want to be well-dressed and beautiful, enhancing their body type.

Helps  the new middle class woman to address the issues of everyday life and be an inspiration to increase your self-esteem and achieve their maximum potential.

Everything that happens and will happen in soap operas. + mobile site

It brings real-life experiences and the most relevant content about preschool education as well as primary education. mobile site

The website informs and guides its users in the search for better health and quality of life.

To be the stage for ordinary people tell their extraordinary stories.

The TV world on your screen.

Website for the woman that loves herself.

The mission of the VIDA SIMPLES website is to provide alternatives for readers to get to know themselves better and to simplify life.

A complete guide for the woman who wants to feel good today and every day.


Men + iPad app & mobile site

Designed for the one who is looking for information about technology and internet, Info Online contains news, reviews, tips, downloads and forums. + mobile site

Website that breathes football. + mobile site

The site is for men who want relate better with women, take advantage of life’s pleasures and become a more complete man.


Lifestyle + mobile site

Total focus on consumers who are looking for the best attractions in the city. + mobile site

VEJA SAO PAULO is the best online guide for leisure in the city of Sao Paulo.


Sport / Special Interest + Ipad App

Architecture & construction.

The AVENTURAS NA HISTÓRIA website includes all of the magazine's content, from the very first edition, and makes it available for free to internet users. + iPad App

Home & Interior. is the largest source of content, services and entertainment in the home segment, bringing together information from the worlds of architecture, construction, decorating and well-being.

A portal which brings together all information that deals with the complete living cycle. + iPad app & mobile site

The MUNDO ESTRANHO website is designed for the one who is crazy about curiosities. + App

The website supports discussion forums with big names in the scientific community, blogs of the most renowned Brazilian National photographers and much more. + iPad app & mobile site

Reports about the automobile world, tests, price charts, promotions and services related to everything that involves the auto universe. + App

Biggest running  site which covers as well  the topics of health, well-being, care of the body than quality of life. + iPad app & mobile site

The SUPER site is for the one who loves knowledge.


Travel + Ipad app

Absolute travel industry leader.


Gastronomy + mobile site

Regional sites of VEJA established as cooking, culture and leisure guides for the major cities in the country.



The most complete site about babies in Brazil.



As in the magazine, children are essential for the development of the website, and take part on every online cultural contest, researches and polls!


Trade press

The site is directed to management leaders and professionals in Human Resources who want to keep themselves in the centre of strategic decision-making in their businesses. + iPad app

Focussed on the development of the executive, the site offers what is most current in planning, career management and personal finances.


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Language : Portuguese
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