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SZ Digital App

Weekly lifestyle app to the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin. The SZ-Magazin’s readers, mixed female and male, have generally have an above-average affi nity to luxury goods and brands and use their purchasing power to acquire high-quality products. They also have an above-average level of education:

  • university degree
  • readers are employed
  • they are often managers

In numbers

  • More than 525.300 downloads
  • 180.000 login sold per week 


Women + eMag App

Jolie is the first German socialising Lifestyle Online-Magazine with Beauty, Fashion and Star trends Fü + eMag App It’s the meeting point for all the beauty, fashion and wellness fans, for active women who know what they want. + eMag App sees the good side of life: fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment. These are the themes of our readers' lives. + eMag App

With wellness, fitness, and an actual lifestyle, speaks to the self-confident and smart women.



Luxury, Brands & Prestige

Worldwide there are always more billionaires and millionaires

More then 1 million millionaires are living in Germany and it's growing!

Luxury is a lifestyle.


Special interest

For people who want to get attractive offers on architecture, living, garden planning, culture and design, is the right place to look.

Showing stylish interiors, dream houses, but also tips to use at home.

Your guide for housing environment and fitting. + App

A shopping and information platform for all the connoisseurs and gourmets. + App

Looking for high quality travel information? This is the place to be.


Youth & Urban + eMag App/Mobile is the leading Online-Magazine for girls (12-18 years) within the German speaking regions. + eMag Popcorn App

Home of Popcorn- is the Online-Portal for all Popcorn readers. + App

The events and leisure planner for all the German metropolises.


Family & Children + eMag App

Very useful site with information for families
Target group Parents with children aged 0 – 13 years

The focus is on children aged 6 – 12 years


Capital : Berlin
Surface : 357,000 km²
Population : 82,176,000
Language : German
Currency : Euro
Internet Domain : .de
International Code : +49


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