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  • A unique digital platform reaching entrepreneurs in the Netherlands at any time of the day;
  • context of high-quality journalistic content;
  • exclusive target group of high net worth, enterprising professionals;
  • strong position in the niche markets of energy professionals (Energeia), pension professionals (PensioenPro) and economists (ESB);
  • follow up on current events.


  • An online environment with high-quality, independent, journalistic content; the only quality medium with a financial economic focus;
  • follow up on current events: news stories go online without delay;
  • target group of enterprising men and women at the cutting edge
    of the market;
  • ‘My news’: personalised page on the basis of selected key words;
  • brings news and background stories from the business world reaches the target group in a personal environment.


  • Up-to-the minute reports: picks up the news brought by the radio station and enriches it with additional elements;
  • is an extension of the radio station, providing live and previous broadcasts, offline programmes, and practical services such as traffic information;
  • has a very strong image in the business target group. BNR delivers top-notch journalism produced by and targeted at entrepreneurs and professionals;
  • brings the latest news on work and career, entrepreneurship, the economy and business life;
  • strong links with the radio station and with social media such as Twitter and Facebook.


  • Dedicated and independent editorial team;
  • largest journalistic online platform for investment professionals;
  • niche group of professionals in a specific environment;
  • editorial pillars include investment trends and products, sector news, legislative issues and opinion.

The digital Fondsnieuws newsletter is sent via email to the user’s personal inbox.

  • On a daily basis the latest need-to-know news and stories for and about the energy market;

  • ESB (Economische Statistische Berichten) is the platform of choice for economists;
  • It targets a unique and influential niche of scholars and policy makers;


Lifestyle - Women / Men - 50+


This website makes the Plus magazine interactive and offers very interesting services online. The users can read on beauty & health, travel and finance. Userprofil: Men 39% / Women 61% Age: 50+


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