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One of the world's leading online newspapers, has experienced rapid growth since launch in 1999. The website appeals to the "internationalist".

Did you know ?

  1. More than 3 in 4 are NOT British citizens living abroad and one third of the users are US Citizen.
  2. After English, Spanish is the most popular first-language spoken amongst our core users
  3. In Australia and UK, core Guardian users tend to prefer local news while ‘World’ seems to be consistently the most popular section across US and ROW.
  4. The top 3 values most associated with the Guardian globally are ‘investigative’, ‘international’ and ‘independent’
  5. In the US, 1 in 4 core Guardian users watch/closely follow the Premier League (on par with college football/basketball)

As the 3rd biggest website newspaper in the world, Guardian Digital is constantly seeking new and improved ways to deliver content to its audience and provide innovative advertising solutions for its clients. With over 100 mio monthly unique browsers worldwide, this site became a global worldwide platform. (65% of the traffic is outside UK). Guardian digital offers a broad range of advertising solutions to maximise the impact and effectiveness of your campaigns:

. audience targeting
. geo targeting
. behavioural targeting
. surround sessions
. digital sponsorship
. microsites
. podcasts/audio
. video
. time of day targeting

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Guardian Ad Networks bring together the very best independent publishers, offering you an added reach of an engaged high-quality audience. Guardian Select is comprised of various contextual verticals.
. Green
. Automotive
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. Culture
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Mobile advertising on offers users access to Guardian content anytime, anywhere. The Guardian offers users access to content anytime and from any device. It is optimised for all mobile screen sizes and connection speeds. Guardian Mobile offers advertisers high levels of traffic and an attractive audience.

Why advertise on Guardian Mobile?
Unique, award-winning content Engaged and upmarket audience
 Market leading technology. Ad targeting opportunities. Cross-platform opportunities. Reaching your audience throughout the day. *Guardian Mobile provides access to an exclusive audience of high-level spenders.

Newsletter advertising
The Guardian website sends out over 2 million subscriber emails every month. A number of these subscriber emails can carry advertiser messages or be sponsored.

Online sponsorship and microsites
Unique projects that are always tailored to the objectives of the brief and client.

Surround sessions
The Guardian website launched this form of user session advertising in the UK to allow advertisers the opportunity to serve a sequence of advertising messages to a single user as they move throughout network.

Audio opportunities
Radio 4 quality audio programming with the Guardian attitude. Our audio content is designed to be edgy and provocative and communicates the same Guardian values prevalent in our other digital and print properties.

Digital optimisation with Maxifier
All display campaigns on, are optimised using Maxifier, resulting in more effective targeting and higher CTRs...

The Guardian Weekly Global Network invites a global community of users to close the gap between international news headlines and the personal experiences of real people.


Recruitment and Courses

The Guardian Jobs site is packed with the latest functionality for users – different job searching options, email alerts, careers advice and our exclusive Job match service. It is one most popular job site in the UK and abroad. With online listings, buttons, banners, videos, etc... we can help you turn your web site into a recruitment centre to attract and communicate with candidates. You’ll also be increasing efficiency by reducing time and cost per hire.

EducationGuardian online provides a unique resource for education professionals and students. In addition to committed editorial coverage of key issues, Education Guardian online offers comprehensive searchable databases of education appointments and courses. The majority of the site's users are education professionals, but the site also succeeds in attracting professionals from other industries. Almost half of users are responsible for a budget, making the site an ideal environment through which to reach influential decision makers. Key sections

  • Schools This section covers Key Stages 2 and 3, GCSEs and A-levels. It also incorporates schools jobs, special reports, advice for newly qualified teachers and details of the Teaching Awards.
  • Higher Education This section keeps users up to date with current news in higher education, covering areas such as arts and humanities, books, careers, e-learning and research. It also carries education jobs from the award winning, university tables, special reports and the opportunity to sign up to ‘Cribsheet', our weekly email update of academic news and opinion.
  • Further Education This section brings users comment, coves & initiatives, diary and a further education jobs.
  • Tefl This section contains comment, courses news, teaching tips and views from abroad.


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