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Women Lifestyle / Fashion / Beauty


Magazine / weekly

FEMINA is an indispensable classic in the lives of Danish women and, with the catchword “For all the women you are”, FEMINA covers the entire scope of what it means to be a modern woman. It keeps its women readers up to date on the latest fashion trends, beauty, personal care, food, travelling and, of course, interior decoration and design.
FEMINA is a weekly magazine targeted at modern women in the age 30-49 years old, situated across Denmark. The typical FEMINA reader is an ”everyday woman” with both job, her own home, car, husband, children and pets. Her wardrobe and her home is very important to her, and she likes to follow trends.



Magazine / monthly

IN focuses on the latest fashion and beauty trends and presents a comprehensive range of new products from Danish designers and international catwalks. The IN fashion magazine also provides in-depth articles on a variety of topics, from career, culture, travel and relationships to in-depth profile interviews, not to mention the latest trends in the areas of interior design and food.

IN particularly addresses well-educated women in their 30s and 40s who are interested in fashion, culture and career, organic and sustainable products, travel, beauty and psychological aspects in the broad sense.


Maries Ideer

Magazine / monthly

Maries ideer is a magazine devoted solely to needlework. The magazine gives readers more than 70 pages of inspiring reading for knitting, crocheting, sewing, interior décor and other DIY material. Everything is presented in a modern, feminine style with recipes and patterns for novices and experts alike. Maries ideer is the readers’ go-to source of patterns for everything from a cute knitted cardigan for infants and toddlers, glass decorated with paper, and patchwork pillows – to guides to creative sites in Denmark and the rest of Europe.

Target group: Woman all ages


Q Magasinet

Magazine / monthly

Q guides women to become the best version of themselves – women with shapes, colors, courage and opinions. It is composed of gripping documentaries, useful fashion, lots of tips and tricks, inspiring women, beauty -product tests and treatments, descriptive travel articles and interesting articles on health. Target: self-confident and curious
women between 25 and 45 years.





Magazine / weekly

The weekly magazine SØNDAG is for fun-loving women, i.e. active, outgoing women in the “middle of life”. The editorial strategy reflects this by giving high priority to topics such as fashion, beauty and interior design.
SØNDAG’s readers are experienced travellers and large consumers of cultural offers.



Decoration / Interior


Magazine / 8 x per year

ISABELLAS is about everyday life with focus on gardening, cooking and interior decoration. The style is rural and artistic and the primary focus of the articles is on creative solutions.

The target group of ISABELLAS is women between 30 and 60 years old. They love beautiful gardens, good food and to add their own personal touch on interior decoration.



Mad & Bolig

Magazine / monthly

Mad & Bolig addresses readers who seek trend guides for an attractive and outgoing life style. The magazine provides both classical and trendsetting interior decoration, and focuses on satisfying the reader’s curiosity in respect of culture and lifestyle.

Mad & Bolig provides tips for experiences when travelling and gives inspiration to the readers who love gardening. Our recipes and food articles are sophisticated and focus on quality.

The Mad & Bolig universe consists of the magazine,, the Mad & Bolig news letter and the Mad & Bolig web shop. The target group lives in large cities. They are typically above 35 years old, live in owner-occupied dwellings and go on both short city holidays and eventful travels.



Spis Bedre

Magazine / 10 x per year

Spis Bedre gives you inspiring new and easy to prepare recipes which make every day cooking easy . Spis Bedre gives the readers a practical weekly menu, which also saves time on planning, shopping and cooking. Each issue contains at least 80 tested recipes ensuring the readers healthy, inspiring and varied dishes.
Spis Bedre addresses the busy woman between the age of 25 to 50 who wants to prepare nutritious and varied dishes every day.



Family / Youth

Ude Og Hjemme

Magazine / weekly

Ude og Hjemme is Denmark’s young, up-to-date family weekly magazine, aimed at inspiring and entertaining families with children and others across Denmark. Ude og Hjemme contains a 32 page TV guide, a large crossword puzzle and lots of recipes, articles on fashion as well as tips and tricks.
Ude og Hjemme’s readers are attractive large-consumers of everything from fashion to weekly offers.



Vi Unge

Magazine / 17 x per year

Vi Unge is Denmark’s leading and best selling magazine for young teenage girls. Vi Unge gives you a good mix of all the issues important in a young teenage girl’s life.
Vi Unge targets young girls between the age of 12 to 18, who are interested in fashion, beauty, celebrities, movies, idols, boys and love.




Vi Unge Posters

Magazine / 6 x per year




Magazine / weekly

The royal magazine in Denmark with intensive coverage of the royalty. It follows the royalty on their travels around the world.






Familie Journal

Magazine / weekly

Familie Journal has a broad range with stories about Danish families, novels and short stories of high quality, health, well-being, recipes, needlework, gardening, crosswords, and a large TV guide.






Magazine / 6 x per year

ROYAL contains a mix of exciting articles on all the secrets and love stories of the European royalties – and moreover, all about the royalties’ style and beauty.





Se OG Hor

Magazine / weekly

SE og HØR is the largest gossip magazine in Denmark on celebrities and the royalty at home and abroad.





Special Interest


Magazine / 8 x per year

The magazine Psykologi provides knowledge, inspiration and specific tools for personal insight, development and mental well -being that make a difference in readers’ daily lives.






Antik & Auktion

Magazine / 9 x per year

Antik & Auktion is a lifestyle magazine for everyone with a particular interest in art, design and antiques. This is the preferred medium of collectors, and an indispensable – and the only – sector magazine for antique dealers.




TV / Culture

7 TV Dage

Magazine / weekly

The weekly 7TV DAGE is Denmark’s prime TV magazine providing an unrivalled, easy -to -grasp guide to the week’s television programs.
7 TV DAGE addresses the reader who wants a high quality TV magazine that focuses on the most watched channels, features film reviews on all of the films on the Danish channels as well as several reviews on the films brought by foreign channels. The royalty is closely watched, and even though the magazine is inexpensive, its stories are not.


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