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News / Business

Helsingin Sanomat

Newspaper / daily

The leading newspaper in the Nordic countries is the forerunner of high-quality journalism in Finland.
Weekly supplements: Nyt, IS Sunnuntai
Monthly supplement: Kuukausiliite, HS Teema, HSTV and HS Books.





Newspaper / daily

Ilta-Sanomat is Finland's market leader in mobile and online services and the second largest newspaper. IS creates the topics of the day by being the quickest operator to publish news online and by offering inspiring perspectives in its print version.
Supplement: TV-Lehti/guide





Magazine / weekly

Talouselämä is the Nordic region’s largest and Finland’s only weekly business magazine. It reports on important weekly financial news issues, their origins and possible impacts. Talouselämä’s reviews and research bring forth unique information about Finnish companies and society. Talouselämä also offers its readers the keys for success at work and gives a helping hand in understanding currents issues and business life.



Economy / Finance


Magazine / monthly

« The magazine for good governance »
Fakta is the only professional magazine in Finland which focuses on leadership, management and organisational development. Fakta helps Finnish decision-makers
keep up to date with the development of both their working communities and themselves.




Magazine / monthly

Arvopaperi magazine offers independent information, ideas and inspiration in support of investment. Readers of Arvopaperi want to know what is going on in the investment world and where riches can be found within. To help readers manage their investments and funds more lucratively, Arvopaperi also publishes an annual Investment Guide.



Lifestyle / Fashion / Beauty


Magazine / monthly

Cosmopolitan is the most popular brand for young women in Finland. The magazine provides glamour and attitude to readers.
Cosmopolitan courageously provides articles on beauty, fashion, relationships, work, wellbeing and lifestyle.





Magazine / monthly

This is the most appreciated luxury magazine, providing readers with fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Gloria always informs on new ideas, phenomena, topics and products. Luxury, the values of the good life, freedom of choice and the world view of contemporary woman are important for Gloria.




Hyvä terveys

Magazine / 14 x per year

Wellbeing is the goal! Lifestyle and wellness are currently hot topics and Hyvä erveys treats these themes with the exactly right kind of content. Wellbeing, taking care of yourself, lifestyle changes, exercise and health trends are the main interests of our readers. Hyvä Terveys is very popular, appreciated and the largest wellbeing magazine in Finland.



Is Sunnuntai

Magazine / weekly

Women lifestyle supplement to Helsingin Sanomat.






Kodin Kuvalehti

Magazine / bi-monthly

Kodin Kuvalehti is the expert of the daily life. Their tips, articles and advertisement are highly trusted. Authenticity, positivity and usefulness are associated within Kodin Kuvalehti.






Magazine / monthly

Lifestyle supplement to Helsingin Sanomat.






Me Naiset

Magazine / weekly

Me Naiset provides ideas and shopping tips related to fashion, beauty, wellbeing, health, cooking, interior decoration and travel. Strong stories and interesting people, reportage and the latest celebrity news are the most frequently read content of the magazine.





Magazine / weekly

Supplement to Helsingin Sanomat.






Suuri Käsityö

Magazine / 11 x per year

Suuri Käsityö is colorful, positive, feminine and fresh, as well as helpful, encouraging and expert. Readers spend a lot of time reading the magazine: they keep it and read it again several times.





Family / Parents


Magazine / monthly

Tiede is a magazine for the whole family. It offers surprises through the wonders of life and the world and helps readers understand the phenomena of society and the environment.






Magazine / monthly

Vauva, renewed in early 2014, provides the latest information about pregnancy and childbirth and advises readers on how to take care of and raise their baby.





Seniors / 50+


Magazine / 20 x per year

ET magazine is the biggest media for seniors in Finland. It is the favorite magazine amongst 50+ year old women. ET interacts strongly with their readers and offers tips, solutions, knowledge and peer support. The readers have the ability to make their dreams come true. They do spend a lot of money on their own wellbeing.




Youth / Urban

Aku Ankka

Magazine / weekly

Aku Ankka teaches Finns how to read and keeps entertaining. The readers are between 8 and 16 years old.






Decoration / Design

Glorian Koti

Magazine / monthly

This expert in interior decoration entertains readers and provides them with experiences. Each issue of Glorian Koti thoroughly engages its readers by offering useful insights, inspiration and enjoyment.






Glorian ruoka&viini

Magazine / 8 x per year

The most attractive and appreciated food magazine in Finland provides joy and inspiration! In an open-minded way, Glorian ruoka&viini serves up the entire modern world of food: food phenomena, trends, interesting food-related people and their stories. The magazine opens the path to the top of Finnish and international taste sensations. Glorian ruoka&viini introduces their readers to the most delicious recipes and the most interesting wines and beverages.





Magazine / monthly

MB provides smart entertainment and topical information about state-of-the-art technology. It examines and tests digital technology and takes new angles on using the equipment.





Travel / Inflight


Magazine / 6 x per year

Matkaopas offers everything interesting for heavy travelling users. Dreams and useful knowledge are both main parts of the magazine.





Blue Wings

Magazine / 10 x per year

Blue Wings is a visual travelling and lifestyle magazine filled with experiences. The Blue Wing reader wants to explore, looks for challenges and thinks internationally. The magazine reaches both Finnish and international passengers. Frequent-flyer business customers are our core target group.




Free press


Newspaper / daily

Metro is an urban, fast, fresh and an international paper for the morning news update. Metro offers the main news items from the metropolitan area, from Finland and abroad.
It is distributed in the city of Helsinki at the stations, bus stops, the shopping centers, in front of the schools and restaurants.




Regional press




Kouvolan Sanomat

Newspaper / free


Kymen Sanomat



Local press

Uutisvuoksi Imatra

Newspaper / free


Professional press


Magazine / weekly

Mediuutiset is Finland’s biggest news paper for health care professionals.
The readers are doctors, health care decision-makers, pharmacy professionals, pharmaceutical industry, professionals, and other health care professionals.





Magazine / monthly

Metallitekniikka is a magazine for mechanical engineering professionals, and it focuses on their profession, production and product development.






Magazine / bi-weekly

Marketing lies at the very core of the economy. A successful company is made up of in

dividuals with a marketing-oriented mindset. Finland will be successful, as long as there are enough people with a marketing oriented mindset. M&M(Markkinointi&Mainonta) is the main media for marketing.



Teknikan Historia

Magazine / bi-monthly

A magazine about inventors and their inventions!






Tekniikka & Talous

Magazine / weekly

The most important magazine for a Finish engineer is Tekniikka&Talous, which reaches more than 191,000 technology professionals. This magazine highlights the latest trends in research and product development, the processes and success of industry, Finns behind and on the fringes of technology – without ever losing sight of both money and power.




Magazine / monthly

Tivi brings together the major players in information technology.






Uratie (Talouselämä – Tekniikka&Talous)

Magazine / weekly

The only nationwide recruitment media for technology sector professionals.
Uratie is published 41 times a year as a supplement in Tekniikka&Talous and 45 times as a supplement in Talouselämä.


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Language : Finnish, Swedish
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