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Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin

Magazine / weekly

Weekly lifestyle supplement to the Süddeutsche Zeitung distributed every Friday. The SZ-Magazin’s 1.1 million readers, of which 42 % are female and 58 % are male, generally have an above-average affinity to luxury goods and brands and use their purchasing power to acquire high-quality products. Our readers are highly educated.

Circulation: average 383.000 copies



Lifestyle & Business

Robb Report

Magazine / 5 x per year

Unique and international, the magazine for the elite luxury consumers.

Robb Report is the first and only multi-thematic luxury magazine in Germany informing its readers about the best of the best.

Robb Report has for many years served as the authoritative voice in the global luxury market. Widely regarded as the single most influential journal of living life to the fullest, Robb Report Germany will cover everything which is of interest and importance for a highly discerning and exceptionally affluent audience.

Robb Report is extending its global reach with international editions including Germany where the first edition was published in October 2016.

Target group
ultimate luxury consumers

Please visit for updates.

Circulation Germany : 100,000 copies

Circulation worldwide : 1 Million + copies

  • State of the art luxury magazine in Germany
  • International with growing global influence
  • The ultimate magazine for elite luxury consumers


LBR Luxury Business Report 2018

Magazine / 1 x per year

Robb Report - Luxury Business Report

LBR Luxury Business Report is the only corporate magazine for luxury in Germany.

We present exclusive analysis, interviews, essays plus the Ranking TOP 50 German luxury enterprises.

LBR publishes valuable information for enterprises and brands in the luxury segment annually.


Target group: Luxury Professionals
Publication: 21. June 2018 (closed)
Next Issue: June 2019
Print Run: 2.500 copies
Copy price 29€

  • The only corporate magazine in the luxury segment in Germany
  • Presents exclusively the Ranking TOP 50 German luxury enterprises
  • Exclusive media partner with ROBB REPORT – German Edition


SZ Stil Leben

Magazine/2 x per year

The premium lifestyle issue! Within the SZ-Magazin the special section „Stil leben“ covers lifestyle and the way of life every week. This successful special section evolved to an independent edition. The upscale magazine „Stil Leben“ leads its readers through the world of luxury with competence. The hard-line aesthetics and playful creativity, the high-quality paper and the larger format establish Stil Leben in the premium segment.

Stil Leben is printed on high quality paper in a larger format (300 mm x 220 mm) than the SZ-Magazin.

SZ Stil Leben - Arabic

Magazine/2 x per year

Within the pages of the Arabic edition of Stil Leben the editorial team of SZ-Magazin celebrates Munich as a travel destination – the reader will find interesting and entertaining information about the culture, tradition and way of life.

The magazine is enriched with shopping inspiration for fashion, design, watches & jewellery, culinary discoveries and handed over personally.

The target readership is Arab tourists and business travelers entering Germany via Munich Airport. Munich Airport distributes 40,000 copies to arriving Arab passengers.

Display and handover in the baggage claim, Welcome Service, Atlantic Lounge and VipWing (premium terminal & VIP service). 

SZ Stil Leben - China

Magazine/2 x per year

The „China Issue“ is dedicated to luxury goods (fashion, design, watches and jewellery). Yet this special issue shall also provide in an informative and creative manner useful information about Germany as a travel destination for Chinese tourists.

Target audience: Chinese tourists and business travellers entering Germany via Frankfurt Airport.

FraPort (airport management of Frankfurt Airport) distributes 40,000 copies to arriving travellers from China. Each copy will be handed over personally by FraPort staff.

A link to the digital issue of the China Issue Stil Leben will be incorporated in the Chinese version of the Lufthansa newsletter (approx. 140,000 Mandarin speaking recipients). Additionally topics and a related link are communicated via the Chinese facebook equivalent „weibo“ to about 330,000 fans.exclusive travel tips.

Display and handover in the baggage claim, Welcome Service, Atlantic Lounge and VipWing (premium terminal & VIP service). 


Women / Lifestyle / Fashion / Beauty


Magazine / 4 x per year

A cooperation between the Jahreszeiten Verlag and the guides and magazines of the GU Verlag.

Printed : 350'000 copies + 15'000 (pharmacies).




Dr Wimmer

Magazine / 4 x per year

Dr. Johannes Wimmer is doctor at the emergency of the UKE Hamburg Hospital and editor, blogger, Media-Doc, You-Tuber and as of now on responsible for the first Doctainment-Magazine in Germany.
Printed: 100.000 copies




Feel Good

Magazine / 4 x per year

The young health magazine!

In Germany a proper health culture develops itself.
This applies particularly also to the young target group which is daily accompanied by health and lifestyle Apps., Trackers and Wearables.
FEEL GOOD* starts where the internet stops.

Printed circulation: 200'000 copies

Für Sie

Magazine / fortnightly

FÜR SIE: Me time! FÜR SIE is the modern classic in the segment for fortnightly women’s magazines. Multifaceted, practical and down to earth, it is the hallmark of a modern thematic mix for women of 35 and above. FÜR SIE has a close relationship with its readers, based on trust. It represents engaging and well-researched journalism that is appropriate to the wide range of themes – from fashion and beauty, through fitness and health, to cooking and culture.



Magazine / 3 x in 2017 - launch May 17

The combination of the classical women magazine and life guide.

Printed: 350'000 copies - Distributed together with Für Sie, Petra, Vital + sold at newsstands


Magazine / monthly

JOLIE, The Beautiful Life Guide Everything that makes life more beautiful – that’s what JOLIE is about. Be it glamorous fashion shoots, authentic profiles and interviews, opulent beauty spreads, exciting reportage, service subjects, moving stories about real people, or exclusive photo productions with stars: JOLIE is the ultimate life guide for women between 20 and 39 years!

Jolie Specials on top: 2 Trend-Booklets, Beauty-Booklet, Sex-Booklet, Astro-Booklet.

Jolie Runway

Magazine / 2 x per year

JOLIE RUNWAY – Pure Front-row Feeling! The high-fashion magazine JOLIE RUNWAY, which is published twice a year, presents the latest fashion trends and collections for the coming season – “straight from the catwalk”. Appearing in June and December, JOLIE RUNWAY is one of the first consumer titles to include photos from the shows of international designers. In addition to the most important looks, JOLIE RUNWAY also shows the environment in which the collections were created and presented: from the atmosphere of the individual fashion centres right up to the most spectacular shows, from accessory highlights to make-up and hair trends, from the designers du jour and the models of the moment right up to the most famous front-row faces.

JOLIE RUNWAY appears as a special issue under the umbrella brand of JOLIE with a print run of 70.000 copies.



Magazine / monthly

PETRA: Style up your life! PETRA is… “Lively, inspiring, cheeky & entertaining! PETRA aims to generate passion with opulent fashion and beauty spreads it wants to move readers with documentary reporting and stories that reflect the zest for life in the 30-plus generation. PETRA defines trends and takes up well-defined positions when it matters. It has courage and takes a tongue in cheek approach to all the issues women are concerned about today.”



Magazine / monthly

VITAL makes you feel good about yourself from the first page to the last! VITAL is the magazine for active, confident and physically aware women with a passion for life. VITAL presents readers with everything they need in order to maintain the right balance between mind and body, and have an overall sense of well-being. High-quality reporting, carefully researched details, the latest information brought together and comprehensibly presented ideas form the foundation for this unique women’s magazine. The focus is on the three key components of beauty/fitness, health and nutrition.


Special Interest - Auto / Sport / Golf / Lifestyle

BMW Magazine

Magazine / 2 x per year

BMW Magazine is a premium publication for private buyers of new BMWs worldwide.

Reports, interviews and features by top international journalists give readers a sense of the quality, image and lifestyle associated with the global BMW brand.

The high standards and seriousness of the research, along with the quality and originality of the articles and photos, form the basis of an intelligent and fascinating magazine.

Frequency: 2 x per year

Circulation Germany : 250.000 copies

Circulation worldwide: 1 million copies

SZ golf spielen    

Magazine / 4 x per year

The Magazine for Golfers and those Interested in Golf. Since 2000 “golf spielen” has been in the market. During this period the magazine of the Süddeutsche Zeitung has been permanently increasing in size and quality. With a total circulation of more than 350.000 copies golf spielen is the most widely read golf title in Europe. 


golf spielen gives you the chance to reach the target group of active golf players and those who are latently interested in golf . In Germany there are actually about 2.56 million players.

SZ Outsides  

Magazine / 2 x per year

Distributed in the Bavaria issue only!

OUTSIDES is Süddeutsche Zeitung’s outdoor magazine. Whether you have serious sporting ambitions or are just looking for a bit of leisure-time fun, if you are looking for ideas on what to do outdoors you will find lots of them in OUTSIDES. The magazine describes interesting holiday destinations in the Alps and well beyond.

Circulation and target group
The outdoor magazine OUTSIDES is distributed with the Bayern (Bavarian) edition of Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Süddeutsche Zeitung is an indispensable source of information for its core target group – well educated readers with higher income.

Distribution ca.: 230'000 copies

SZ Wohlfühlen

Magazine / 4 x per year

Wohlfühlen is a supplement of Süddeutsche Zeitung, published four times per year. This magazine discusses different well-being and fitness themes and covers a wide range of topics. Wohlfühlen reaches 1.29 million Süddeutsche Zeitung readers (MA 2014).

Average circulation : 383.000 copies.




Interior Decoration  / Design / Architecture

A&W Architektur & Wohnen

Magazine / 6 x per year

A&W Architektur & Wohnen provides comprehensive, expert and entertaining coverage of trends and developments in the fields of home living, architecture, interior and product design, as well as garden design. The magazine conveys background information on international architectural projects and has its own particular take on art. Architektur & Wohnen not only reflects the aesthetic trends of our time, but is itself a style-setter – corroborating its role as an opinion leader.



Zuhause Wohnen

Magazine / monthly

ZUHAUSE WOHNEN is the benchmark – and has been over a period of more than 45 years – for lively documentary reporting on people and their homes. Utility is presented alongside elegance and a high level of practical value. Reporting focuses on these key areas: Interior & Design, House & Garden, Enjoyment & Lifestyle. Advice about the home is not just presented on every page in ZUHAUSE WOHNEN: advice about the home is at the centre of the issue. ZUHAUSE WOHNEN combines sensuality and aesthetics with service, creativity and expertise to create a profile distinct from the competition. Virtually every issue features an EXTRA focusing on a single topic, presenting issues that our readers are particularly interested in.


Gastronomy / Food

Der Feinschmecker

Magazine / monthly

DER FEINSCHMECKER is the foremost authority among German-language magazines when it comes to enjoying the finer things in life. Showcasing the latest trends, venues, recipes and wines, DER FEINSCHMECKER tickles all the senses of the bon vivant on every page. With its expertise in all culinary facets both at home and abroad, this magazine is an indispensable guide for discerning individualists.


Der Feinschmecker Bookazine

Book / 1-2 x per year

Der Feinschmecker

Pocket books/guides / 5 x year

Distributed in plastic bag together with the main magazine.





Der Feinschmecker Gourmet Shop Magazine

Magazine / 2x per year

Distributed in plastic bag together with the main magazine.






Magazine / 4 x per year

Find out all about the perfect nutrition.

Printed: 150.000 copies





Magazine / 4 x per year

Germany's most popular and famous culinary personality, the top chef Johann
Lafer, celebrates the most beautiful aspects of life in his own gourmet magazine.
The opulent magazine invites you to the world of Johann Lafer. It takes readers
on new, inspiring and exciting journeys into the creative world of good taste.

Printed : 170'000 copies


Vegan für mich

Magazine / 4 x per year

The new magazine has a positive and optimistic message: vegan diet is fun, healthy and opens a lot of new possibilities! VEGAN für mich is not only aimed to people who already have a vegan diet, but also at those who have already or never heard of it. The goal is to make them try once.   Dirk Müller, the chief editor, eats only vegan food since over 2 years and confesses he has never felt so well! Printed circulation: 50.000 copies





Magazine / monthly

MERIAN triggers wanderlust Every month, this premium magazine features a country, a region, a city or an island. Its key themes include culture, culinary experiences, entertainment and active holidaymaking. Whether it‘s New York, the Black Forest, Crete or Thailand – every issue constitutes a pleasant surprise with outstanding images by top photographers and articles by well-known authors.



Family  / Parents


Magazine / monthly

Family Magazine for young and active families with children between 3 and 14 years. The Magazine gives advices and helps the parents in their decisions. In each issue, there is a special supplement for Children including games, creative and tinker ideas.




Magazine / 4 x per year

baby&co helps the young families since the beginning of the pregnancy until the child’s first years of life. This magazine is thus a competent adviser and a kind guide around the pregnancy, the birth and the first four years of the baby. Target: couple having the desire of child, or young families with babies or small children.



baby&co Das Erste Jahr
baby&co Kompakt
baby&co Wir bekommen ein Baby


Magazine / 6 x per year

The first high end family magazine in a double version, one magazine for the parents and one magazine for the children between 3 and 12 years.

Your magazine is my magazine!

Printed : 100'000 copies



Youth / Urban


Magazine / monthly

The Star Magazine  - Hot stories, cool trends and top styles. Stars guaranteed! That is the world of INSIDE - the young, hip people magazine. INSIDE is on eye level with celebrities, comes each month with fresh and exciting revelations about national and international stars: close up, lively, modern, outspoken.

INSIDE brings the glamour world of stars straight into the home and is devoted to young women between 20 and 39 years, it is entertaining, joyful and easy to read.


Magazine / monthly

MÄDCHEN – you only live once! The first women's magazine for young adults.

MÄDCHEN – the advice magazine for beauty and fashion, love pains and school problems. MÄDCHEN takes its readers seriously and provides insight into adult life, is the mirror image of its readers: natural, confident, curious, active, lively and open for all things new that make life so exciting. For the young audience we are the first mature magazine: trendy, premium and innovative - like a women's title; service-orientated, close to the reader and honest - as young people expect.

Target group girls 12 -17 years.

Mädchen Made by you

Magazine / 2 x  per year

The first “do it yourself” magazine within the youth segment in which the reader does not find only great and trendy ideas. She also receives exact manuals provided how to improve in appearance old things to trendy items, to cool and unique clothes, to refresh their design of the rooms.




Magazine / monthly

POPCORN is a star's magazine which meets the heart of the teenagers and reflects their feeling of life. POPCORN informs, entertains and offers a lot of services to its readers at aged between 12 and 20 years. Popcorn has 4 sections: Pop music, Cinema and TV, advices, services.




Corporate Publishing

1890 - das Magazin der Allianz Deutschland AG

Magazine / 4x per year

Knowing what lies behind it all: With 1890, Allianz Deutschland is presenting its first premium-class customer magazine. Four times a year, exciting and entertaining stories in a high-quality structure and modern layout will provide a different view of the insurance company’s areas of work. Allianz corporate communications personnel, television journalist Gerhard Delling, and an editorial team consisting of experienced newspaper and magazine journalists will be determining the topics and content. The readers are as sophisticated as the magazine itself. Of Allianz’s approximately 19 million private customers, “1890” is directly addressed to the top individuals with an average policy volume of over 8,300 euros per year. They are receiving the magazine by post, addressed to them personally and free of charge. This high-income target group at the top of the Allianz customer pyramid has a 2:1 ratio of women to men, and an average age of around 52.

Printed circulation: 500.000 copies


Magazine / 4 x per year

Results is the Corporate and Investment Magazine of the Deutschen Bank AG

Circulation : 30,000 copies




Wempe Magazin

Magazine / 3 x per year

Amazing design meet upon high-quality journalism in the WEMPE MAGAZINE and it stands for pure exclusiveness. This first-class magazine has been honoured at the “Best of Corporate Publishing Award” and won a gold medal in the category “Special Publication”. It has also been nominated for the “German Design Award 2012” and Award of Excellence/Photography at “International Corporate Media Award”.

The WEMPE MAGAZIN convinces with a premium target group, too. People who strongly value high-quality products and pleasure elegant luxury goods enjoy the WEMPE MAGAZINE. It reaches well-established executives, ambitious self-employed people as well as cosmopolitans who live life to the full.

Limited advertising space offers the opportunity of making use of this especially relaxed and positive atmosphere to directly address the WEMPE clients in Germany and abroad. Such as owners of up-market cars, frequent flyers, golfers and holiday home-owners with a high affinity to exclusive products.

Circulation : 260,000 copies + 40,000 copies in English will be distributed to the customers of the international branches (London, Paris, Madrid, Vienna, New York).


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Language : German
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