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Business & Finance

FD Financieele Dagblad

Newspaper / daily

Leading financial and economic daily newspaper. Het Financieele Dagblad is the primary news and inspirational source to giving financial and economic context to developments across the world. Due to its unique position in the market, it appeals to a selective target group of enterprising people, at both business and private levels.

While on weekdays Het Financieele Dagblad brings news that is relevant to the business world, the Saturday edition offers depth and inspiration and brings stories that resonate with readers on a private level.


FD Outlook

Magazine / 1 x per year

Supplement, all about the future, focusing on financial, economic and social issues.






Pensioen Pro

Magazine / 6 x per year

Pensioen Pro is the go-to source for reliable industry news and independent reporting for institutional investors and pension professionals.
Pensioen Pro is a joint venture of pensions and investment publisher IPE and the Dutch business newspaper, Financieele Dagblad. The editorial team is led by editor in chief Mariska van der Westen, former editor of IPNederland. Pensioen Pro is an independent publication; advertisers have no influence on the editorial content.




Magazine / 6 x per year

Fondsnieuws is the largest platform for professional investors in the Netherlands. It is editorially independent and focuses on the world of investment funds and investment products. Fondsnieuws Magazine is published as a supplement to Het Financieele Dagblad approximately six times a year. Each issue is devoted to a specific topic.





Newspaper / 6 x per year

A journal for economic scholars that connects economic research, public policy and the practical reality.






Lifestyle & Special Interest

FD Persoonlijk

Magazine / weekly

The high quality products and journalistic brands of the FD Mediagroep enable better decision-making by providing a broader and deeper understanding of the world today as well as an outlook on the world of tomorrow.
FD Mediagroep reaches a high-quality target group of business people with high spending power in their personal lives.

FD Persoonlijk is as a supplement to FD Weekend and reaches people who spend part of their weekend seeking inspiration in terms of lifestyle, art, travel, cars, fashion and luxury. Since the magazine FD Persoonlijk was first published many years ago, it has grown into a cross media brand.
FD Persoonlijk has on online website and launched in 2016 the radio program FD Persoonlijk On-Air. A weekly broadcast from different locations. The brand FDP offers a cross media package for the target group in the luxury & lifestyle world.


FD Stijlgids

Magazine / 6 x per year

The luxurious FD Persoonlijk Style Special has the character of a ‘How-to’ guide, which encourages readers to keep this magazine for future reference.

This special is entirely devoted to all those things that make life interesting, exciting, beautiful and alluring —especially to men.”





Magazine / 2 x per year

A luxurious glossy magazine about watches, jewellery and business,
distributed with the newspaper.






Plus Magazine

Magazine / monthly

Plus Magazine is the only general interest magazine for self conscious men and women from the age of 50+. It is built on five informative pillars: Money and Law, Health, People in Society, Travel, Leisure and Lifestyle; and offers a wide range of recognizable topics that hit home in the life of a mature adult. Supplements 1-2 x per year Plus Reisspecial Plus Puzzles UW Belasting Aangrifte Fiets routes Rust Body



Max Ledenblad

Magazine / 4 x per year

Max Magazine is a member magazine of the broadcasting company Max, the first radio and television station targeting the 50+ (men & women).


Max Magazine

Magazine / weekly

Max Magazine is the TV & Radio guide of the broadcasting company Max, the first radio and television station targeting the 50+ (men & women)






Magazine / 8x per year

ANBO Magazine is a membership magazine. The ANBO (General Union for Elderly) is a nationwide Union for senior citizens, it represents 340,000 members through 510 local organisations. ANBO Magazine informs and identifies. The information in ANBO Magazine is characterized by autonomy, objectivity, authenticity, nuance and depth.





Magazine / 4x per year

Magazine for the members of SeniorWeb.


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