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Kanaal Z/Canal Z

Economic & business information / 30 mn loop

Kanaal Z and Canal Z, the only business channels in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels, guarantee reliable reporting on finance and economics with a clear vision of business, economics and money. Both are general, open channels using a rational, enriching approach with guaranteed interpretation and inspiration.

The varied and specialised programming from Kanaal Z and Canal Z, together with the new, innovative approach, have led to loyal viewing behaviour and have resulted in the channels becoming one of the biggest digital channels in the country.
579.096 viewers/day*
2.308.681 viewers/week*

In addition to the ‘Homo Economicus’, Kanaal Z and Canal Z also target the entrepreneur, the manager, the person starting up, and the financially-aware person in the street.

Viewer profile*:
62% men
Selectivity figure men SG 1-2: 145

In addition, the modular nature of the 4-minute long video modules ensures that the broadcasts can be placed and viewed immediately on various platforms (iPad, websites, and newsletters). In this way both channels are looking not only to offer reliable and valuable information, but also to establish themselves as the key figure in the optimisation of audio-visual communication for companies, knowledge centres and federations.

*Source: CIM TV/Transfer/Arianna, National, Total Day, Live +6, 4+ Timeperiods, RCH, January 2015


WTV + Focus TV

Regional TV (Western Flanders)

The West Flemish stations (Focus TV and WTV) prepare every day a complete regional newscast.
In addition viewers are offered a variety of programmes on economics, sports and cultural topics, as well as government communication.
At the weekend the same stations broadcast Tendens-lifestyle and the West op Zondag(West on Sunday) programme of provincial news.


Ring TV

Regional TV

In Brabant Roularta continues to manage advertising sales for Ring TV.





TV national

. CCTV1: News - General information
. CCTV2: Economic & Finance
. CCTV3: Art & Entertainment
. CCTV4: International news (mandarin) or CCTV (16) News international (english, spanish, french, arabic, russian)
. CCTV5: Sports
. CCTV6: Movie
. CCTV7: Military/ Agriculture
. CCTV8: TV series
. CCTV9: Documentary (multi-lingual)
. CTV10: Science and Education
. CCTV11: China opera
. CCTV12: Society and Law
. CCTV 13 or CCTV Xin Wen: News (mandarin)
. CCTV 14: Youth & Kids
. CCTV 15: Music
. CCTV 5+ China Central Television (via satellite only)


TV regional


. BTV 1: News
. BTV 2: Entertainment
. BTV 3: Science and Education
. BTV 4: teleplay movie
. BTV 5: Economic
. BTV 6: Sports
. BTV 7: Life Channel
. BTV 8: Youth & Kids
. BTV 9: Public & News
. BTV KAKU: Cartoon Channel




(SMG – Shanghai Media Group)
. Dragon TV: Flagship
. Channel Young

. TV Drama
. News
. CBN (China Business Network)
. Sports
. Documentary Channel
. Entertainment Channel
. Haha TV (Children's Channel)
. ICS (International Channel Shanghai)
. OCJ Channel (Shopping channel)




. Pearl river
. News
. Sports
. Public Channel
. JiaJia cartoon Channel
. GDTV World




. Guangzhou TV
. Tianjin Star Channel
. DLTV-I: News Comprehensive Channel
. DLTV-2: Economic & Life Channel

Our Chinese portfolio contains a lot of other TV channels as well as outdoor, online or print solutions. Please, feel free to contact us for any further information.


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