News/Business/Finance * collaboration

The website for Berlingske, one of the three big national newspapers in Denmark.
It provides rolling local, national and international news coverage.



Lifestyle / Women / People / Special interest

It addresses to users who seek trend guides for an attractive and outgoing life style.
The website provides both classical and trendsetting interior decoration, and focuses on satisfying the reader’s curiosity in respect of culture and lifestyle.

FEMINA.DK focuses on the readers’ keen interest in fashion, beauty, personal care, food, travelling and, of course, interior decoration and design.




SE og HØR is the largest communicator of news in Denmark on celebrities and the royalty at home and abroad.


KIG IND targets young readers and surfers in Denmark, which is reflected in the weekly magazine’s editorial line that takes its point of departure in the interest in the lives of celebrities.


Modemagasinet IN particularly addresses well-educated women in their 30s and 40s who are interested in fashion, culture and career, organic and sustainable products, travel, beauty and psychological aspects in the broad sense.

SOENDAG.DK’s profile is exclusive and addresses active and outgoing women “in the middle of their lives”, which is also reflected in the editorial line. Fashion, beauty and the home are highly prioritised.



Q targets the self-confident and curious women aged 25-45.

The readers very much decide the contents, and the contact between the editorial team and its readers is close and vivid!

BILLEDBLADET.DK is the royal website in Denmark with intensive coverage of the royalty.

It follows the royalty on their travels around the world.


The target group is women between the age of 15-29 who are interested in celeb trends, fashion and beauty.

SPISBEDRE.DK is your sovereign food universe, which gives you inspiration and recipes for both every day and celebrations.


Website for pregnant women who want to know everything about the pregnancy.

ISABELLAS.DK is about everyday life with focus on gardening, cooking and interior decoration.

The style is rural and artistic and the primary focus of the articles is on creative solutions.


The website targets people at the age of 40 and above, who enjoy the aesthetic sides of life and are eager to learn about all the art and craft that surrounds us.


VIUNGE.DK is Denmark’s leading website for young teenage girls. gives you a good mix of all the issues important in a young teenage girl’s life.


The online presence of Ude og Hjemme which is Denmark’s young, up-to-date family weekly magazine, aimed at inspiring and entertaining families with children and others across Denmark.

TV Guide

FAMILIEJOURNAL.DK has a broad range with stories about Danish families, novels and short stories of high quality, health, well-being, recipes, needlework, gardening, crosswords, and a large TV guide.