Taxi Advertising



Black Taxis LONDON

Black Taxis are iconic and instantly recognisable, as well as being an intrinsic and practical part of everyday city life and our transport system. Taxi Advertising has grown rapidly to become the premium advertising choice for reaching an urban audience of millions. Each taxi travels hundreds of miles each week, stopping at thousands of destinations, creating millions of impressions on your potential customer base.

  • As a stand-alone advertising platform or as part of an integrated campaign, Taxi Advertising can take your brand almost anywhere. Taxis are used and seen by financial high-fliers, business decision makers, shoppers, wealthy residents, tourists and visitors. Taxi Advertising directly influences the buying habits of everyone in a city.
  • Exterior advertising is seen by millions of people every day. Bold designs, colourful images and simple statements; the widest cross-section of the public will soon recognise and recall your brand, giving you the edge in today’s highly competitive consumer marketplace.
  • Inside the passenger compartment, the profile of your audience is more specific. Passengers are affluent and upwardly mobile. On average 90% are ABC1. An average journey time of over 20 minutes and the comfortable, captive environment, provides you with valuable time to target this premium audience.