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Great Bus Advertising

Great Bus Advertising is the main European bus company in Europe.

The Open Bus represents an ideal medium for a dynamic promotional activity that is targeted and efficient in every single territory. They travel every single day the most important and busiest roads in the heart of the main European capitals, even where access is limited, generating every day millions of contacts where other advertising media are not present.  The great visibility of the medium, the penetration and absolute exclusivity of the paths, which also pass through restricted traffic areas and of the medium on which it is not possible for any other type of multi-brand advertising. These are the distinct elements of the Open Bus fleet that make it a unique in its kind as a communication tool.

From a media point of view, our fleet is ideal for promoting all services related to the tourism, watches/jewellery, beauty and more. It also allows you to plan campaigns simultaneously in different European cities for communications across the borders.

In all the cities where we are present we use the latest materials of the best quality to guarantee excellent resistance to urban smog and of the normal wear derived from climatic conditions. We also give our customers the possibility to cover the inside of the vehicle and to carry out activities below-the-line on our busses.

Our offer:

  • 25 bus in London
  • 9 bus in Paris
  • 10 bus in Berlin
  • 40 bus in Barcelona
  • 15 bus in Madrid
  • 9 bus in Moscow
  • 10 bus in Dublin
  • 30 bus in Rome
  • 6 bus in Milano
  • 6 bus in Naples
  • 6 bus in Florence
  • 3 bus in Bologna
  • 2 bus in Turin
  • 4 bus in Palermo
  • 2 bus in Verona
  • 2 bus in Genoa
  • 3 bus in Sorrento/Amalfi/Positano
  • 3 bus in Munich
  • 1 bus in Hamburg (total covering)
  • 1 bus in Frankfurt (total covering)