Digital Mall Advertising



Exterior Plus is  the number one in mall advertising in Spain with an estimated audience of 630 million visitors shared among 91 malls.
It is a leader in digital outdoor advertising, with a highly competitive portfolio and reaches many different target audiences.
Current shopping malls are real cities, icons of modernity and social coexistence where very different audiences spend their leisure time. Their digital network comprises more than 1.200 screens throughout Spain.
In addition to that, they have recently added Carrefour supermarkets to their portfolio, installing more than 700 new screens which will impact more than 180 million annual visitors.
Exterior Plus guarantees a relevant commercial presence at retail areas, a key factor demanded by the market.
Exterior Plus owns more than 25.000 advertising panels in Spain. Including the shopping malls, Exterior Plus commercializes more than 1.600 digital screens. Besides, it’s an growth opportunity in an area where real time communication, content delivery, omnichannel strategies and interactivity are becoming more an more important for advertisers.