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With its unique concept of taking a critical look at the latest news, Knack is the news magazine par excellence in Flanders. It offers background information on the latest news both at home and abroad, and also focuses particularly on the economy, culture, society and social media.

A number of well-known opinion makers and columnists guarantee the critical approach to current events on a weekly basis.

Knack comes out weekly with the lifestyle magazine Knack Weekend, and the entertainment magazine Knack Focus.



Magazine / weekly

Le Vif / L'Express

Le Vif/L’Express is the main news magazine in French-speaking Belgium. Politics, economics, investigations, society, culture … every week it explores and throws light on Belgian and international news.

This leading French-language, Belgian news magazine is a current affairs magazine that gives priority coverage to politics (national, regional and international), economics, culture and major social issues. Its investigations, revelations and exclusive interviews have secured the magazine an established place amongst the French-language Belgian magazine press.

Le Vif/L’Express is distributed together with the lifestyle magazine Le Vif Weekend and the culture and TV guide Focus Vif.




Magazine / weekly

Tendances Trends

For more than three decades now, Trends/Trends-Tendances has been the leading financial-economic news magazine in Belgium. It offers thought-provoking analyses of the latest economic news, and helps its readers to find ways in which to develop their careers or businesses to the full.

At a time when more and more media are limiting themselves to superficial news coverage, Trends/Trends-Tendances digs deeper, reporting on current issues at exactly the right time. The magazine proves that reporting on economics and finance certainly does not have to be boring, and that the economy has an influence on the daily life of every Belgian.




Magazine / weekly


Libelle, the girlfriend every contemporary woman wishes for herself.
Playing around with the kids, cooking a delicious meal to enjoy together, having fun with your girlfriends, making plans with your husband, turning your house into a home.
Week after week, the Flanders magazine Libelle inspires its readers for everything that truly matters. 

In addition to the magazine, the monthly Libelle lekker!, the specials about great moments, the website, the annual Winterfair event, Shedeals offers, Facebook, the do-boxes, the apps etc. also constitute a landmark of trust for the Libelle woman.



Magazine / weekly

Femmes D'Aujourd'Hui

The French-language magazine that accompanies the evolution of women and their dynamic lives.

Femmes d’Aujourd’hui, the very first Belgian women’s magazine, offers her readers each week lots of info, tips and ideas to make life easier and more fun.
Useful articles that inspire and entertain, split in clear sections such as fashion, beauty, culi, health, deco, tourism, gardening and psycho. Femmes d’Aujourd’hui contains a loose TV guide, tailored to her readers, and surprises each year with a variety of appendices. 

Today, Femmes d’Aujourd’hui is much more than just a magazine. It has also become an ally via many other platforms: the monthly, specials centered around great moments, the website, Shedeals offers, Facebook etc.



Magazine / weekly


Flair is the mentor for young women searching for their own identity.

Flair magazine is issued every week with surprising tips and tricks on the latest fashion trends, stylish make-up, the trendiest hotspots and feasible & quick recipes, pimped with personal testimonials and make-overs of Flair readers. Flair doesn’t mince its words and raises each and every current theme that captivates women of today. Besides, Flair often indulges its readers with nice surprises such as weekends off, restaurant deals and fun goodies. Flair, that’s so much in one magazine!

Flair is daring, spontaneous, surprising, accessible and positive. The energetic brand lends her strong community a hand through an interactive range of channels such as print, online, social
media, Shedeals offers, events etc. to get the most out of life! 



Magazine / weekly


An unmissable appointment with quality

Feeling (Dutch) /  Gael (French) is an upscale monthly, in which fashion and beauty take center stage. 100% Belgian, paying special attention to homegrown designers and fashion. 
With an exquisite selection of lifestyle information, ranging from home and travel over psycho and health to society and culture, Gael enables its readers to keep track of all key trends. In short, Gael brings luxury for the body and food for the mind.



Magazine / 6 x year

La Maison Victor

La Maison Victor is a strong magazine with a close-knit community. It is a contemporary and refreshing alternative for a growing group of new sewers and crafters. La Maison Victor satisfies the need for patterns that are modern, fashionable and affordable. For the designs La Maison Victor collaborates with renowned Belgian fashion designers and experts. 

La Maison Victor is a 360° platform: the magazine has loyal fans. This is demonstrated by the large number of subscribers, more than 20% of the Belgian print run, and its fans on Facebook! 



Magazine / Annual


Communiekrant and the Communiepecial focus in particular on the more than 130,000 Flemish families who annually have a communion or Spring celebration to celebrate.

This platform primarily focuses on the latest trends in communion and party wear, shoes and gifts and provides practical sales information. Communiekrant newspaper is published at the beginning of the year and can be ordered free of charge via the website. The newspaper can also be viewed digitally.


Magazine / Annual

Loving You

Loving You by Feeling and Gael combines the power of a wedding specialist like Loving You with the notoriety and expertise of two upscale brands, namely Feeling and Gael. It is the only national wedding magazine and is considered a reference in Belgium and abroad. 

That is why the editorial emphasis is on wedding fashion as well as on all other aspects of organising your perfect Big Day: accessories, wedding locations and venues, lingerie, wedding photos, honeymoons, cars and so on.


Magazine / Weekly

Knack Weekend

News from the lifestyle world, immediate and comprehensive, this is Knack Weekend. News flashes, incisive interviews, top reports, critical analyses, well-written and often moving stories. Every week via our magazine, every day via our site.

Lifestyle from every angle: fashion, travel, gastronomy, architecture, design, beauty and wellness... The editorial staff are the first to pinpoint what is happening in each of these areas, noting trends and testing new products and addresses on your behalf.

Quality is the keyword. The approach is no-nonsense. This makes Knack Weekend unique and sets it apart from the classic women’s magazines. In addition, special editions look at specific themes such as accessories, Belgian Fashion, travel... in even greater detail.

Knack Weekend is distributed together with Knack.


Magazine / Weekly

Le Vif Weekend

LE VIF Weekend and Knack Weekend are "the" lifestyle magazines in Belgium. Undoubtedly, this is due to the editors' approach to 'lifestyle' themes from a very journalistic point of view. The main topics in Le Vif Weekend and Knack Weekend are fashion, architecture and design, beauty, health, gastronomy, wine and travel.

Additionally, these lifestyle magazines cover a wide spectrum of cultural themes, with a detailed calendar and many interviews. Le Vif Weekend is distributed weekly with the French-language newsmagazine Le Vif/L'Express.


Magazine / 9x year

Weekend Black

Since 2011, Weekend has been published nine times a year in a luxury edition under the code name Black. The Black editions are built around a central theme that is covered in great detail and are real collector’s items; to be read, re-read and then kept. They have a thicker format, are printed on matt,environmentally-friendly paper, and contain a harmonious mix of short, topical reports, interesting portraits and exciting articles.

In 2012 the Black editions were voted ‘Medium of the Year’ in the Merit Awards.


Magazine / 9x year

Trends Style

Trends Style comes out eight times a year with a powerful creative message for Trend’s readers on “the next big things to do, to wear and to have”. ‘Trends Style’ informs, innovates and inspires. Look & feel? Innovative and creative. Tone of voice? Cool, catchy and trendsetting.

This style bible includes all aspects of lifestyle. Here are just a few of the wide range of topics covered, ranging from fashion, watches, looks & grooming, art & culture, architecture, interiors, photography, literature, cooking, shops, trips & travel, cars, technology, media and communication, sport, to action & adventure. And above all: People! icons and idols, events and happenings, society and communities.


Magazine / 9x year


The demand for reliable information on health and well-being continues to increase. Bodytalk meets this need.

This health magazine is a source of in-depth information on how to live healthily and happily. It has four main sections: health, nutrition, exercise, psychology.

The reports are scientifically based and are put together with the collaboration of doctors, academics and universities. In addition to interviews there are also personal accounts.

Bodytalk is distributed with the full circulation of Knack and Le Vif L’Express, on top of its own subscriptions and bookshop sales. As of now there is also advertising space available.



Magazine / Monthly

Plus Magazine is a national monthly magazine aimed at people over the age of 50. It is an inspiring magazine based around 5 main sections: health, law and finance, society, leisure, art of living.

The objective of Plus Magazine is to provide support, expert opinion, testimonials and solutions, focusing on making life easier by giving clear, concrete explanations, keeping an optimistic outlook and providing a real treat to read every month.

Culture / TV


Magazine / Weekly

Focus Le Vif

Focus Vif has rapidly imposed itself as the weekly cultural reference in French speaking circles.

Young and trendy, active on the Web and other social networks, it covers the whole range of modern leisure activities from cinema to music, taking in video games, TV series, literature, dance, theatre and exhibitions.


Magazine / Weekly

Knack Focus

Knack Focus is a magazine for the 21st century, adapted to the digital world and available on all possible supports from the laptop to the iPad. Knack Focus – which is part of the family package Knack/Weekend/Focus and the Knack Extras – has the freedom to concentrate on anything of quality in the wide world of entertainment.

Knack Focus sticks its neck out and goes for those subjects that the editorial team is really behind, regardless of the actual star quality. The quirky choices, the care taken over substantive, valuable stories, and the focus on the way in which they are given form: these pay off.

Special Interest


Magazine / 6 x year

Libelle Nest

Nest is the Belgian magazine for the rural, natural lifestyle. The magazine has consciously chosen a position between trends and traditions: following new developments closely, putting creativity and innovative initiatives high on the agenda. Nonetheless, Nest is never carried away by the latest passing trend, but rather stands for proven reliability, respect for past history and for professionalism.

Nest covers four domains: living, cooking, nature, arts & crafts.

In practice this means: inspirational reports, practical dossiers, instantly useable tips, recipes and DIY instructions. Unlike the many magazines covering all of these different domains, the contents form a coherent whole revolving around the same, warm, natural vision of life.



Magazine / Weekly

Sport / Sport Voetbal

Sport/Foot Magazine and Sport/Voetbal magazine are the news magazines for sport, and a point of reference for anyone who wants to look further than the issues of the day.

Nowadays sport plays an increasingly important role, but the speed of the news often leads to a hasty, superficial treatment. Sport/Foot Magazine and Sport/Voetbalmagazine are looking to be a calm point in this whirlwind of words and images. They take the reader on a trip behind the facade of sport and look at what is left when the lights go down and the emotions have died away.

In-depth interviews, revealing reports, critical analyses, pithy columns, Sport/Foot Magazine and Sport/Voetbalmagazine highlight the news from various perspectives. They take the time to put everything into the right context, to give opinions, but not just from a black or white point of view, they offer interpretations of what is actually happening in the sport.

All facets of football are discussed in Sport/Foot Magazine and Sport/Voetbalmagazine, and there is a perfect balance between long articles to read, and shorter, sometimes amusing reports.



Newspaper / Weekly

Deze Week

Now one year old, Deze Week is THE shopping newspaper in Flanders. A free weekly journal that includes bargains, interesting promos, job offers, real estate listings, local news, puzzles and recipes, etc.

A newspaper that is looked forward to every week.


Newspaper / Weekly


More than ever, KW brings West Flanders together with its 11 editions amalgamated into 8 unique local newspapers. These 8 editions bring, as before, qualitative, local news and unique West Flemish stories.

The news about all coastal municipalities, from De Panne to Knokke-Heist are now bundled in the new edition KW De Zeewacht Kust. All news from Ypres to Poperinge and from Diksmuide to Veurne will now appear in KW The Weekly News Westhoek. The editions of Kortrijk and Menen merge into KW Kortrijk-Menen, as did the Weekbode of Roeselare and Izegem, who now live as KW De Weekbode Roeselare-Izegem. KW Brugsch Handelsblad, KW De Weekbode Tielt, KW De Weekbode Torhout and KW The weekly news Waregem remain unchanged.

Free newspapers


Newspaper / Weekly

De Zondag

Every Sunday, at the time of fresh croissants and pastries: this is the moment when De Zondag reaches all Flanders for free. De Zondag offers readers the weekend news, the latest sporting news, regional news and local events, as well as recurring headings on the following topics: 'holidays', 'employment', 'housing' and 'auto'.

The only true Sunday newspaper in Flanders.

Distribution to more than 1.5 million readers in a few hours thanks to the network of bakeries.


Newspaper / Weekly


Tam-Tam is highly interesting for very local advertisers and can also help support larger-scale campaigns. All editions are now heatset printed with colour on every page.

In addition to Roularta’s own titles (Tam-Tam Blankenberge, Brugge, Gent, Knokke, De Wegwijzer (Aalter) and ’t Fonteintje (Deinze/Gavere), Effect and Het Gouden Blad, the Tam-Tam group includes the freesheets of the Verheyen group (Antwerp) and Publitor (Torhout).

The basic concept is to offer local Tam-Tam titles in the Antwerp, Bruges and Ghent regions, where De Streekkrant circulation levels are far too high for local advertisers.


Magazine / Monthly


Steps is a free Dutch lifestyle magazine, aimed at modern women aged between 25 and 54. Every issue brings a mix of fashion, interior design, beauty, travel and more. Read-ers find the latest trends and tips, month in, month out.In January 2013 Steps underwent a total remake from tabloid to convenient magazine format, hugely boosting reading comfort.

Steps City Magazine's sixteen editions together cover the whole of Flanders, with around 850,000 copies distributed every month. The magazine combines classy ads and quality writing on recycled glossy paper. Steps is distributed through De Zondag and an exclusive distribution network.

Professional Press


Magazine / Monthly


For more than 35 years, Data News has been the point of reference in Belgium. The journal provides the links between IT applications, technology, IT managers and the end-users in businesses, government bodies, education and IT groups.

With its daily newsletter and website, has a strong focus on Belgian news, trends and opinions. This is complemented with dossiers, international coverage, practical case studies and extensive testing of business solutions. The ‘Careers’ section focuses on continuing professional development and interesting career options.


Magazine / 4x year

Verpakking & Labelmagazine

The Verpakking & Labelmagazine is a multimedia platform for the Packaging and Labels sector. With its professional journal, newsletter and several online media channels, V&L brings out ‘first class’ professional information, highlighting and interpreting the most important trends in the sector.

V&L is looking to be a vital link in the chain of information provision and business operations of decision makers in the packaging and labelling industry in Belgium.

M & C

Magazine / 4x year


M&C is the only Belgian professional journal for the print & sign industry. The magazine covers all aspects of digital print techniques and keeps readers up-to-date through informative and inspiring case studies.

M&C keeps a close eye on the digital print sector and reports on all the major print and sign fairs. The magazine is aimed at all professionals within the print & sign sectors, screenprinting, illuminated advertising, stand installation, vehicle lettering, etc.


Magazine / 10x year

Grafisch Nieuws / Nouvelles Graphiques is one of the oldest trade magazines in Belgium and is the most important sector journal for the graphics industry in Belgium and Luxembourg. The columns cover a whole range of areas from print production techniques to products and materials.

Thanks to 3 big pillars, the magazine is very successful: professionalism, independence, editorial style.