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Newspaper / daily

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Daily MO-FR

Süddeutsche Zeitung is the leading newspaper in reach and by paid circulation among the national quality dailies in Germany.

Süddeutsche Zeitung is opinion leading and stands for investigative in-depth quality journalism.

No matter if for the latest news, for back ground reports or for expert analysis, SZ provides thereaders with reliable, based on fact information frompolitics, business, culture, sports and science.

1.28 million readers per issue

1.11 million exclusive readers, who cannot be reached with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), Die Welt or Handelsblatt

Ø-age: 47.4 years

Ø-HH-netincome: 3,955 EUR

394,000 readers per issue among decision-makers / 13,6% reach

Brand reach: Süddeutsche Zeitung / / Apps 5.63 million readers/ users


In the SZ am Wochenende readers find additional sections such as„Buch Zwei“, „Stil“ and „Gesellschaft“ with long-term studies, different point of views and intelligent, subtle entertainment.


Magazine / weekly

SZ Magazin

Weekly lifestyle supplement to the Süddeutsche Zeitung distributed every Friday. The SZ-Magazin’s 1.25 million readers, of which 42 % are female and 58 % are male, generally have an above-average affinity to luxury goods and brands and use their purchasing power to acquire high-quality products.

The readers are highly educated.

Circulation: average 319.000 copies

Lifestyle & Business


Magazine / 5x year

Robb Report

Unique and international, the magazine for the elite luxury consumers.

Robb Report is the first and only multi-thematic luxury magazine in Germany informing its readers about the best of the best.

Robb Report has for many years served as the authoritative voice in the global luxury market. Widely regarded as the single most influential journal of living life to the fullest, Robb Report Germany will cover everything which is of interest and importance for a highly discerning and exceptionally affluent audience.

Robb Report is extending its global reach with international editions including Germany where the first edition was published in October 2016.

Target group
ultimate luxury consumers

Please visit for updates.

Circulation Germany : 100,000 copies

Circulation worldwide : 1 Million + copies

  • State of the art luxury magazine in Germany
  • International with growing global influence
  • The ultimate magazine for elite luxury consumers


Magazine / 3 x year

The premium lifestyle issue! Within the SZ-Magazin the special section „Stil leben“ covers lifestyle and the way of life every week. This successful special section evolved to an independent edition. The upscale magazine „Stil Leben“ leads its readers through the world of luxury with competence. The hard-line aesthetics and playful creativity, the high-quality paper and the larger format establish Stil Leben in the premium segment.

Stil Leben is printed on high quality paper in a larger format (300 mm x 220 mm) than the SZ-Magazin.

Women / Lifestyle / Fashion / Beauty


Magazine / 4x year

Feel Good

The young health magazine!

In Germany a proper health culture develops itself.
This applies particularly also to the young target group which is daily accompanied by health and lifestyle Apps., Trackers and Wearables.
FEEL GOOD* starts where the internet stops.

Print circulation: 200,000 copies


Magazine / fortnightly

Fur Sie

FÜR SIE: Me time! FÜR SIE is the modern classic in the segment for fortnightly women’s magazines. Multifaceted, practical and down to earth, it is the hallmark of a modern thematic mix for women of 35 and above.

FÜR SIE has a close relationship with its readers, based on trust. It represents engaging and well-researched journalism that is appropriate to the wide range of themes – from fashion and beauty, through fitness and health, to cooking and culture.


Magazine / monthly


PETRA: Style up your life! PETRA is… “Lively, inspiring, cheeky & entertaining! PETRA aims to generate passion with opulent fashion and beauty spreads it wants to move readers with documentary reporting and stories that reflect the zest for life in the 30-plus generation. PETRA defines trends and takes up well-defined positions when it matters.

It has courage and takes a tongue in cheek approach to all the issues women are concerned about today.”


Magazine / monthly


VITAL makes you feel good about yourself from the first page to the last! VITAL is the magazine for active, confident and physically aware women with a passion for life. VITAL presents readers with everything they need in order to maintain the right balance between mind and body, and have an overall sense of well-being.

High-quality reporting, carefully researched details, the latest information brought together and comprehensibly presented ideas form the foundation for this unique women’s magazine. The focus is on the three key components of beauty/fitness, health and nutrition.

Special Interest - Auto / Sport / Golf / Lifestyle


Magazine / 3 x year

BMW Magazin

BMW MAGAZINE is back!  "Freude am Fahren"

Since July 10th 2020 it is official: On October 22nd 2020 the BMW magazine will be published again!

After a two-year break, we at Affinity-PrimeMEDIA, have also taken over the advertising sales for our clients in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. WELCOME BACK!

BMW has now given the official statement that the brand cannot exclusively reach its target group online. Especially the owners/buyers of the large-volume vehicles (from BMW 4 Series) are less online-affine. That is exactly the target group, which can be reached by advertising.

The pure BMW content will be limited to a maximum of 30-40%. The remaining 60-70% is the publishers choice and we therefore can offer special cooperations and partnerships.

Editor-in-chief: Joachim Fischer, who also developed, among other magazines, the R2M one, the Rolls Royce magazine.

German edition: 150,000 copies
International edition (in English): initially 50,000 copies (mainly distributed in the UK)

BMW plans to quickly expand and increase the distribution, especially the international edition.

Plan 2021 already…

Publication dates and frequency 2021: 3 times per year (March, September and November)


Magazine / 2 x year

Golf Spielen

The Magazine for Golfers and those Interested in Golf. Since 2000 “golf spielen” has been in the market. During this period the magazine of the Süddeutsche Zeitung has been permanently increasing in size and quality. With a total circulation of more than 350.000 copies golf spielen is the most widely read golf title in Europe.

golf spielen gives you the chance to reach the target group of active golf players and those who are latently interested in golf . In Germany there are actually about 2.56 million players.


Magazine / 2x year

SZ Outsides

Distributed in the Bavaria issue only!

OUTSIDES is Süddeutsche Zeitung’s outdoor magazine. Whether you have serious sporting ambitions or are just looking for a bit of leisure-time fun, if you are looking for ideas on what to do outdoors you will find lots of them in OUTSIDES. The magazine describes interesting holiday destinations in the Alps and well beyond.

Circulation and target group
The outdoor magazine OUTSIDES is distributed with the Bayern (Bavarian) edition of Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Süddeutsche Zeitung is an indispensable source of information for its core target group – well educated readers with higher income.

Distribution approx: 230,000 copies


Magazine / weekly

SZ Wohlfuehlen

Wohlfühlen is a supplement of Süddeutsche Zeitung, published four times per year. This magazine discusses different well-being and fitness themes and covers a wide range of topics. Wohlfühlen reaches 1.29 million Süddeutsche Zeitung readers (MA 2014).

Average circulation : 383.000 copies.

Interior Decoration / Design / Architecture


Magazine / 6x year

AW Arkitektur & Wohnen

AW Architektur & Wohnen provides comprehensive, expert and entertaining coverage of trends and developments in the fields of home living, architecture, interior and product design, as well as garden design.

The magazine conveys background information on national and international architectural projects and has its own particular take on art. Architektur & Wohnen not only reflects the aesthetic trends of our time, but is itself a style-setter – corroborating its role as an opinion leader.

AW Architektur & Wohnen convinced its 70,000 new readers and enthousiasts. It remains the absolute leader in the high end design and home magazine segment in Germany.

With this significant increase of 22%, it reached 380,000 readers (according AWA 2020 study).


Magazine / monthly

Zuhause Wohnen

ZUHAUSE WOHNEN is the benchmark – and has been over a period of more than 45 years – for lively documentary reporting on people and their homes. Utility is presented alongside elegance and a high level of practical value. Reporting focuses on these key areas: Interior & Design, House & Garden, Enjoyment & Lifestyle. Advice about the home is not just presented on every page in ZUHAUSE WOHNEN: advice about the home is at the centre of the issue.

ZUHAUSE WOHNEN combines sensuality and aesthetics with service, creativity and expertise to create a profile distinct from the competition. Virtually every issue features an EXTRA focusing on a single topic, presenting issues that our readers are particularly interested in.

Gastronomy / Food


Magazine / 4 x per year

Cornelia Poletto

Top chef, entrepreneur, TV personality, author, presenter, mother and wife: Cornelia Poletto represents as no other person the image of a modern hostess.

Cornelia Poletto magazine launches with a circulation of 125,000 copies.


Magazine / monthly

Der Feinschmecker

DER FEINSCHMECKER is the foremost authority among German-language magazines when it comes to enjoying the finer things in life. Showcasing the latest trends, venues, recipes and wines, DER FEINSCHMECKER tickles all the senses of the bon vivant on every page.

With its expertise in all culinary facets both at home and abroad, this magazine is an indispensable guide for discerning individualists.


Magazine / quarterly


Foodie is the culinary trend guide for Foodies: The young generation of connoisseurs, for whom cooking is cool, eating with friends is part of the lifestyle, searching for new culinary experiences and hot spots determines everyday life. Foodie ticks just like Foodies - is unisex, with direct layout, spectacular photography, clear language.

The editorial concept includes tips for new products, trendy locations, culinary trends, high-quality kitchen tools and drinks and wines.

Target Audience:
Foodie is aimed for young people from around 30 years of age who are cooking enthusiasts.

Publication: In bundle with DER FEINSCHMECKER

Circulation : 100'000 copies


Magazine / 4x year

Iss Dich Gesund

The magazine ISS DICH GESUND is all about healthy nutrition. It is about sound knowledge instead of losing weight, diets and pure nutritional trends.

ISS DICH GESUND delivers numerous tasty recipes for the whole day.

Circulation: 55,000 copies.


Magazine / 4x year

Lafer Magazin

Germany's most popular and famous culinary personality, the top chef Johann Lafer, celebrates the most beautiful aspects of life in his own gourmet magazine.

This luxurious magazine invites you to the world of Johann Lafer. It takes readers on new, inspiring and exciting journeys into the creative world of good taste.



Magazine / monthly


MERIAN triggers wanderlust Every month, this premium magazine features a country, a region, a city or an island. Its key themes include culture, culinary experiences, entertainment and active holidaymaking.

Whether it‘s New York, the Black Forest, Crete or Thailand – every issue constitutes a pleasant surprise with outstanding images by top photographers and articles by well-known authors.