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Magazine / 2 x year

Aiglon - The Magazine

The magazine of the famous Aiglon College boarding school located in Villars-sur-Ollon in the Swiss Alps.

The publication is devoted to highlighting the best in contemporary life in Switzerland and overseas.

Whether it’s adventurous travel, dream cars, or powerful humanitarian projects, the magazine celebrates the people, places, products, and experiences that define life at its best.

Frequency: 2 x year, in June/July and December

Language: English

Reach: estimated 7,000 persons

Target group: This magazine is dedicated to the parents of the students, the alumni, their parents and the prospective families. The educational program of the college attracts HNWI; the families spend CHF 120'000 per child per annum. 77% of the readers are between 35 and 64 years old, 9% are from 25 to 34.

Distribution: Europe, North America, United Kingdom, China & Southeast Asia, Middle East & Central Asia, Russia



Magazine / 5 x year


Inflight Magazine of Luxair with 2.1 million passengers per year.



Magazine / 2 x year

My Kempinkski Experience

Founded in Germany in 1897, Kempinski Hotel is Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group.

Available twice a year in the VIP rooms of 60 of the group’s most beautiful hotels, primarily in Europe and the Gulf region, the magazine is aimed at a high-income readership, made up of chief executives, senior managers and those working in the liberal professions.

The My Kempinski Experience Magazine is the exclusive luxury & lifestyle magazine published by Kempinski Hotels for its discerning guests. The current circulation of the magazine is 35.000 copies per issue (distribution Europe is made for example in Germany, Austria, Malta, Spain, Switzerland, Russia and Eastern countries etc.).

“MY” Kempinski Experience magazine is the Kempinski way of communicating with its clients. It extends the hotel experience, with articles on lifestyle, arts, culture, shopping and travel ideas.

Partnering with BMW in Germany, the magazine is also available in more than 10 business-oriented leasing offices.

New : My Kempinski Experience Magazine « China » edition - print run 10,000 copies.


Magazine / 2 x year

My Lux Book


The exclusive, urban Park Hyatt Zurich Hotel is situated just a short walk away from the renowned Bahnhofstrasse shopping street and Lake Zurich. The elegant glass facade discreetly hides what you can expect inside the hotel – a luxurious ambience, vast spaciousness, avant-garde architecture and contemporary art. The 142 rooms and suites have a minimum size of 36 to 72 square metres and offer superior comfort and furnishing with uncompromising functionality.

Subdued earth colours, finest fabrics and spacious bathrooms convey a unique hotel experience.


Free copies of the MY LUX BOOK are available for reading in all public areas of the hotel. The magazine is available to the hotel guests in all rooms and suites. The exclusive magazine is also personally sent to the respective home address of the guests.


The Park Hyatt Zurich Hotel guest is a cultivated, open-minded lover of beautiful things. The guest seeks the special experience. He grasps the scenery and reveals the cosmopolitan fringe culture: the people, the places, the encounters, the trends that the demanding guest wants to experience. The guests seek personal luxury that allows them to live an even more fulfilled, meaningful and enriching life. The Park Hyatt globetrotter is between 28 and 60 years old and has an average income of about CHF 150,000 p.a.


The male Park Hyatt Zurich Hotel guest is successful, well educated, independent and stylish. He sets trends.


The female guest is cultivated and has unique taste. She is a pioneer in travelling and seeks the unique in every metropolis.


America 34 %

Switzerland 17 %

UK 10 %

Germany 9 %

United Arab Emirates 4 %

Russian Federation 2 %

CIRCULATION – 10’000 copies

25% of the magazine’s circulation is put out in the hotel and 75% of the copies are sent to the hotel guests by post together with a personalised handwritten letter.


Magazine / 11 x year

Scandinavian Traveler

Scandinavian Traveler – a travel and lifestyle magazine, both online and in print!

Scandinavian Traveler is much more than just a magazine.
With 11 issues a year and a daily updated website, you’ll find all the inspiration and information the modern reader requires in varied, inspirational, and accessible content on a range of digital platforms. Both in the magazine and online you will meet high-fliers from all walks of life. They share their stories from life as well as from their personal favorite spots around the world, giving the reader new perspectives and new angles on interesting topics and well-known places.

Scandinavian Traveler also tells about the latest trends as we scour the globe for entertaining and inspirational stories from the worlds of fashion, politics, business and sports.

Scandinavian Traveler is also available online at What’s more, here you will find a wealth of extra content – videos, additional destination guides and maps to the stores and restaurants you’ve read about in the magazine. Scandinavian Traveler is your constant travel companion – before, during, and after your journey.

Unique readers: 1,392,000

Circulation : 80,000 copies


Magazine / 1 x year

VISION by Julius Bär

At Julius Baer we have a vision. We want to constantly broaden our horizons and expand our knowledge base. We want to understand the current drivers of global change and, more importantly, to look ahead and explore the trends that could potentially affect the world in the future.

Vision, our flagship publication, delves into these important concepts and provides commentary, in-depth analysis, and food for thought. With contributions from world-class academics, business leaders, and experts, including Julius Baer’s own senior management, each issue is designed to give you a better understanding of our rapidly changing world. Published bi-annually, Vision is available both in print and online through our website and app.

Vision readers are Julius Baer clients, Julius Baer employees and participants of Julius Bär events.

Vision targets a selected group of people and thought leaders.

15 000 copies per issue (10 000 in English, 5000 in German)

- Vision is addressed personally to Julius Baer clients.

- Distribution to all participants of the exclusive Julius Baer events.

Available in many countries, but primarily distributed in those where Julius Baer has a presence: Austria, Chile, Dubai, Germany, Guernsey, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Bahrain, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Panama, the Republic of Ireland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, the Bahamas, the United Kingdom, and Uruguay.

Next issue

September 2020

More information and download of the actual magazine :



Guide / 2 x year

Concierge Maps

In major tourist destinations, most travel guides are produced in bulk for the public at large. By exclusively advertising high-end brands, Concierge Maps targets people with high purchasing power, and offers countless prospects for luxury brands. Our guides are used by the concierges of luxury hotels in Geneva, Moscow, London, Paris, Milan and soon by those in Saint Petersburg.

Why choose Concierge Maps for your marketing ?

  • By advertising with Concierge Maps, you can invest in reaching an exclusively wealthy clientele, and enjoy an incredible potential for new sales.
  • Our guides are currently offered to approximately 1,170,000 travellers with high purchasing power.
  • Advertising in our guides will reinforce your brand’s relationship with the luxury hotels that accommodate your prospective clients.
  • Concierge Maps has a very competitive CPM
  • Rich in information reflecting the needs of well-off international travellers, our guides are consulted several times during readers’ stay.
  • Your advert will reach an affluent group of people who are staying in a city on holiday or for business — an ideal time for luxury in-store shopping.
  • Concierge Maps has a multilingual website featuring information that will drive prospects to your boutique.
  • Advertisers can combine and use the advertising space in the guide at their convenience.
  • Concierge Maps will publish advertorials, which are in seamless alignment with the guide’s editorial line.
  • Concierge Maps offers 6 months of visibility in all partner hotels (exclusively 5-star and upmarket hotels).

As a luxury hotel, you strive to offer your guests an experience that meets their every need. No detail, from check-in to checkout, should get in the way of this experience. However, all too often the guests of upmarket hotels are offered subpar travel guides and city maps which take away from their stay. Your clients deserve a guide that truly meets their standards and expectations. With the Concierge Maps guide, we want to contribute to the excellence of luxury hotels. Stylish and customised, our guides showcase the internal services and amenities of our partner establishments, and select information and adverts that reflect the needs and tastes of your clientele.

Circulation by edition

Geneva - 95,000

London - 120,000

Milan - 100,000

Paris 130,000

Moscow - 65,000


Magazine / monthly

Ulisse - Magazine of Alitalia

Inflight Magazine of Alitalia.