Magazine / monthly


The benefits of incorporating Paperjam into your media plan:

  • Over 10% of the population come into contact with Paperjam (no other economic & financial publication in Europe has such a high penetration rate).
  • 2% of readers belong to high and superior social-professional categories.
  • A high-quality editorial context that attracts the reader’s attention: portrayal of image that is favourable to brands + extended reading time + high rate of reference use = prolonged period of exposure to advertising.
  • Personally sent to 14,000 subscribers living in Luxembourg and close to the border.
  • B2B and B2C targets: readers = decision-makers from both the personal and professional spheres.

Language: French
Frequency: Monthly
Print run: 20,000
Audience: 66,000 readers


  • Business and political decision makers in Luxembourg and the Greater Region
  • Opinion leaders and influencers
  • Senior and middle managers
  • Mainly graduates
  • Locals and foreign expats
  • Residents and cross-border workers


  • Mailed to 14,000 business and political decision makers, mainly in Luxembourg
  • Businesses, institutions and the more than 900 corporate members of the Paperjam Club


Magazine / monthly


The benefits of incorporating Delano into your media plan:

  • Luxembourg is home to over 81,000 English-speaking expats, most of whom are white-collar workers of high and superior socio-professional categories, that make up Delano’s core target market.
  • Every year this readership grows as a result of new expats arriving with no opinions whatsoever of local brands, making them a prime target for advertisers seeking new customers.
  • The Delano Live events are a valuable complement to the print and digital offerings, providing advertisers with an opportunity for direct contact with the Delano community by associating their own images with such events through sponsorship.
  • The magazine is distributed on Luxair business flights to London, Dublin, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Language: English
Frequency: Monthly
Print run: 10,000
Audience: 25,000 readers


  • Luxembourg’s international community (white-collar, longstanding and newly arrived expats, eurocrats)
  • Luxembourgers in mixed relationships or involved in the diplomatic field or international business
  • Luxembourg expats and Luxembourg institutions abroad


  • Subscriptions and targeted mailings (executives of international institutions and companies in Luxembourg)
  • Sales on newsstand
  • Circulation at events involving the international community
  • Ten things to do newsletter (every Tuesday) and Ten things to read newsletter (every Friday) sent to over
    14,000 subscribers


Special interest


Magazine / 5 x per year


The magazine that cultivates attitude at altitude!

Flydoscope is the Luxair in-flight magazine. In 2017, 1.93 million travellers settled into their seats for a good in-flight read on their tourist get-away or business trip – from take-off to landing.

Target audience

  • Luxair and LuxairTours passengers.
  • Economic and political decision-makers.
  • Residents of Luxembourg and the Greater Region departing from Luxembourg.
  • Tourists and business tourists travelling to Luxembourg.

Inflight magazine circulated to over 1.93 million passengers per year.
8,000 copies sent on top to named and political decision-makers and frequent flyers.

Print run
30,000 copies

5 issues per year

French – English