News / Business / Economy / Finance


Newspaper / daily

Dagens Industri

Dagens Industri is the largest business paper in Scandinavia. With Sweden’s most prominent business journalists and analysts, Dagens Industri  delivers an essential instrument to reach success in business, in the market and with its readers’ personal finances every day.

75 %  of the readers are between 25-64 years
34 %  are women
The average home is 131 square metres – mainly houses or owned apartments
31 % have summer houses
The average annual income is 437,000
29 % have managerial positions, 22 % are in executive management and 12 %  sit on the board of directors
47 %  live in large cities (Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö)

Dagens Industri’s readers spend a lot of money on restaurants, travelling abroad, wine, holiday travel within Sweden, shoes, sports equipment, accessories, men’s clothing, entertainment, aftershave/perfume, watches/jewellery, charity, home electronics, furniture and interior decoration.


Newspaper / daily

Dagens Nyheter

Newspaper that promotes broad views, playing its role as Sweden's most important and democratic forum for debate.

DN is the largest subscribed daily morning quality newspaper in Sweden and is the leading news brand.


Magazine / monthly

Privata Affärer

Sweden's only personal finance magazine, with a highly lucrative audience, Privata Affärer offers independent, practical advice on stocks, loans, taxes, housing, investments, mutual funds, endowment insurance and everyday law.

The magazine also offers advice on capital goods and other luxury goods consumption.



Magazine / weekly

DI Weekend

Di Weekend is distributed every Friday along with Dagens Industri. The magazine contains a mix of interviews with current leaders from the business community and society, features and a set of fixed sections such as motor, wine, new products as well as hotel- and dining guides. 

Di Weekend also includes articles about trends, interviews and reportages of music, film, theatre, literature, design, fashion, architecture and interior design.

Women - Fashion / Beauty / Lifestyle


Magazine / fortnightly


Amelia tops the women’s magazine rankings – as it has done for 20 years. Borrowed, read and loved, amelia knows Swedish women better than anyone else. Women who want time for everything, and to keep up with the trends and latest products in health, beauty and fashion.

Women who want to be inspired to live simpler lives and enjoy their leisure. Generous, warm, fun and interested in others, that’s the amelia reader. And we’re the magazine that does everything to make sure she carries on choosing us – fortnightly.


Magazine / monthly

Damernas Värld

Damernas Värld’s readers are women who are as knowledgeable about current issues as they are about fashion, beauty, decor, culture and design.

This useful quality magazine delivers stunning Swedish fashion of high international class, pages of expertise, and abundant inspiration.


Magazine / 2x year

DV Mode

A luxury magazine at a high international standard. Its fashion-conscious, discerning readership looks to DV Mode for unrivalled expertise on fashion and accessories.

The magazine has garnered international attention for its high trend factor and cutting edge reports by talented stylists and photographers.


Magazine / 16x year

M Magazine

The hit magazine for readers 50+ , M-magasin is made for us women who are in an exciting phase of our lives - women always contemplating the next moves in life, health and appearance.

We are many, we are curious, and we want to make a diffe­rence. We are Mappies – Mature, Affluent, Pioneering People. M offers a lot of good reading, good advice, good fun and a check on what’s going on. Get encouraged, get informed and get updated with M.


Magazine / 8x year


STYLEBY is the hip new fashion magazine for modern women who crave fashion, trends, beauty and style, and want to be where it all happens. 

STYLEBY is the place for fashion, with a host of new and familiar faces in a modern magazine. Hook up with Elin Kling and the editors to read about it all. It’s edgy, fearless, irreverent.


Magazine / 14x year


Sweden's most popular magazine for women 40+. tara is a magazine for the mid-life woman.

Finished with the stress of small children, she can focus on herself again. It's a time of confusion and new possibilities. tara is her friend on this path. It’s about beauty, fashion, health, food, personal development and most of all about relationships


Magazine / monthly

Topp Hälsa

The magazine that keeps you in top shape!

ToppHälsa helps you take the simple, effective steps toward success when it comes to a more beautiful, vivacious, health-conscious life.


Magazine / monthly

Vecko Revyn

Sweden’s biggest magazine for young women!

Vecko Revyn is the obvious pick from the magazine shelves for the trend-cons­cious young woman. And it has been since 1935! After three record years, Vecko Revyn is now flexing its muscles since 2015 with even more fashion, beauty and great reading. Our readers (average age 30 years), treat themselves to Vecko Revyn as a reward, to cheer them up – or as an enjoyable way to spend the time. With inspiration, guidance, humour and a lot of warmth, we’re the icing on the cake of young women’s lives.



Magazine / 6x year

The most inspiring thing in life is people who follow their dreams. At ICON we want you to get to know them deep down. Since the launch in 2011 many modern icons have spoke out to and been photographed by ICON ’s award-winning journalists and photographers.

Reading ICON is like going out to dinner and being lucky enough to be seated next to the most interesting guest.

Gender distribution : 70% men aged between 30 and 50 years

Special Interest - Sport / Auto


Magazine / bi-monthly

Teknikens Värld

Teknikens Värld is world famous for offering serious automobile journalism in a broad magazine reviewing everything from small and used cars to super sport cars that most of our readers can only dream of.

Our car tests are world-renown for exposing car defects and are cited in other media time and time again. We help Swedish car owners realise the best and most economical car ownership experience possible.


Special Interest - Decoration / Interior / Garden


Magazine / 8x year

Allt om Fritidshus

Sweden's only magazine for cottage living lovers.

How do I build a veranda roof? Will installation of an air heat pump reduce our electricity costs? How do I solve the latrine problem? Cottage owners’ questions are never-ending! Allt om Fritidshus has all the answers.


Magazine / 13x year

Allt i Hemmet

The easy-going, inviting and distinctive interior design magazine for those who like to potter about their homes and surround themselves with beautiful things.

Allt i Hemmet presents inspirational homes and décor ideas, do-it-yourself tips, shopping, room-orientated themes, storage, lighting and even table decoration and flowers. Allt i Hemmet is about everything that makes your home a lovelier space to live in.


Magazine / 16x year

Allt om Trädgard

The largest garden magazine in the Nordics Allt om Trädgård is the natural choice for anyone who likes gardening. We offer knowledgeable advice and inspiration.

We have the sharpest experts, the best ideas, the newest plants and the best accents to your gardens, verandas and balconies.


Magazine / 11x per year

Gård & Torp

The magazine for anyone who loves old houses!

Unique old houses, genuine manor and farm houses, century-old villas with verandas and well-preserved crofts – in Gård & Torp you get to visit fantastic environments and learn more about houses from different eras.


Magazine / 8x per year

Hem & Antik is the interior design magazine for those who want to create a personal style by mixing new and old. We know that you, just like us, tend to fall for environments with a cosy, retrospective feeling.


Magazine / 14x year

Sköna Hem

Sköna Hem is Sweden's leading, largest interior design magazine – a sure source of inspiration that knows trends, tradition and quality.



Magazine / 18x year

Allt om Mat

Allt om Mat is your constant companion in the kitchen whether you’re a beginner or an advanced domestic chef.

It’s got the quick, easy meals that make our stressful lives run smoothly, and fantastic menus that take dinner at the weekend into a whole new league.

Families / Parents


Magazine / 13x year


An inspiring lifestyle magazine for modern moms. Mama is unique: everything a lifestyle magazine should have, plus content readers can identify with in their challenging lives.

It offers fashion, food, beauty, travel, and decor that moms dream about, plus loads of energy, laughter, and commiseration – stories of mothers that go straight to the heart. It is a sharp, fun, essential magazine for moms who want that something extra.


Magazine / 14x year

Vi Föräldrar

Vi Föräldrar is Sweden’s biggest parenting magazine. We write about pregnancy and the first important years of a child’s life, from newborns to pre-schoolers – the years when habits are formed and loyalty to new brands is built.

Vi Föräldrar’s consumer tests, buying guides, advice and tips are known for their excellent reliability and are a crucial factor for many parents when making important purchases and big investments for the family.



Magazine / weekly


The largest TV magazine published by Expressen.

TV 14

Magazine / fortnightly

Well known TV magazine, 70 % of the readers are women.

Newspapers / Southern Sweden

Skane newspapers

Resumé of all the daily newspapers in Skåne to which readers subscribe :
Sydsvenskan, Skånska Dagbladet, Kristianstadsbladet, Ystads Allehanda, Trelleborgs Allehanda, Norra Skåne, Helsingborgs Dagblad with its local editions Landskrona Posten, Nordvästra Skånes Tidningar

The co-operation also includes the free City newspaper. An advertisement placed with Hela Skåne enables to reach 1,049,000* readers equivalent to 74 % of the inhabitants in the region.

Newspapers / General Interest / Daily

Expressen Group

General interest newspapers, 51% Men / 49% women readers.