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Magazine / 7 x year


Forbes Switzerland, as the German-language edition of the world’s most famous business magazine, we are where the old and the new meet. The Forbes readership is composed of today’s decision makers as well as tomorrow’s leading innovators.

We provide our readers with new ideas and help them make better decisions. We appeal to all those who act locally, but think globally.

Target group
70% men / 30% women 25+
-CEO’s and upper Management
-Startup Founders

-Numerous companies serve as subscription partners
-Sales Points: Airports, Train stations, Kiosks, Hotels
-Distribution via selected Universities
-Sales points at all Forbes events and partner conferences

10'000 copies in Switzerland

We believe in our longstanding purpose: to be global champions of free market enterprise and entrepreneurial capitalism. Not only do we celebrate the power of the entrepreneur, we also bring an entrepreneurial mind-set to everything we do. It’s our shared purpose that inspires us to help change the world and that drives our business success.

Operating in an ethical way, with honesty and integrity, is the foundation of our business. We’re committed to creating a culture that ensures fairness and promotes transparency.

Maintaining the quality of the journalism we produce, the content we create and the products we develop is critical to the integrity of our brand.

We embrace new ideas, make bold decisions and take action.

We respect the dignity of our employees, consumers, advertisers, partners and competitors.

Our planned themes are:
Speace, Artificial intelligence, Money, 30 under 30 DACH, Women, Trade, Next, Security and more…

Lifestyle / Fashion / Art / Travel / Watches / Jewellery


Magazine / 2 x year

Adam the Magazine

ADAM THE MAGAZINE is a multidimensional script for men. The magazine speaks to a multifaceted, successful man who is culturally plugged in. Adam`s unique blend of intelligent service, stories with substance and ability to entertain and inspire make it a relevant source and must-read for tastemakers and influencers. Adam is the voice, which resonates with modern man.

Target: Gentlemen 29+

OUR READERS SAY: "ADAM THE MAGAZINE is a touch of arrogance.“

ADAM THE MAGAZINE for the affluent and successful man. While other men`s magazines are written for highly aspirational readers, Adam The Magazine is geared toward men who have arrived. They dress for themselves; have both the means and knowledge to invest; can order with confidence in a fine-dining restaurant; have a healthy respect and admiration on for women and men; take vacations that enrich their lives and recharge their energy and have mastered many of life`s basics. “What they want is a primer on how to lead a richer, better, fuller and more meaningful life.”

Circulation: 10.000 copies per issue

Languages: Bilingual, German & English

Next publications: March & October 2020


(Market pages Switzerland FR / DE / IT)

Magazine / 4 x year

Christophorus Porsche Magazine

The Porsche customer magazine has been much more than just a car magazine from the start. Christophorus is the patron saint of all travellers and the perfect name giver for a magazine full of wanderlust.

Christophorus magazine, on the market since 1952, is one of the most renowned and oldest customer magazines in the world.

Target Group:
88% men, 76% between 30 and 59 years, career-oriented
83% company owners, chief executives or entrepreneurs
High Net-Worth Individuals
Average monthly net income: 14,000 €

Swiss circulation: 4,700 copies (DE/FR/IT)

Content: 14-16 pages are published at the end of the magazine, only two ad spaces are available.


Guide / 2x year

Concierge Maps

Concierge Maps, a high-end travel guide, was launched by Maxime Danibert when he was Deputy Head Concierge at the Grand Brighton Hotel in England. Since 2012, Concierge Maps has created free, elegant personalised guides exclusively for upmarket hotels. Based in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Concierge Maps works in collaboration with luxury, five-star hotels in the cities of Geneva, Moscow, Paris, London, Milan and soon Saint Petersburg.

  • Our guides showcase the hotels, their services and the must-see attractions in the city where they are located.
    • Concierge Maps guides are given to the hotels at no cost and hand-delivered by the concierges to their guests.
    • The advertisers featured in the guides are exclusively luxury brands.

The format and content of our guides are designed to offer the guests of luxury hotels an attractive printed object, discreet and pleasant to hold, featuring practical information and recommendations on the hotel amenities and the city where the traveller is staying.
There are various sections, and numerous reasons for the traveller to consult the guide:
• High-quality maps, rich in detail
• Internal services of the hotel
• Luxury shops
• Museums
• History of the city
• Attractions
• Did you know?
• Transport options
• Useful numbers
• A note page for the concierge

Readership comprised exclusively of the guests of luxury hotels.
International readers with very high purchasing power from Western Europe, Russia, the United States, China, the Middle East, etc.
Average age of the readers: 48 years old - 54% Women | 46% Men

Hôtel des Bergues
La Réserve
Hôtel Président Wilson
Le Richemond
Hôtel Les Armures
Domaine de Châteauvieux
Hôtel de la Cigogne
Hôtel d'Angleterre
Swiss Luxury Apartments

Issues May and November

Circulation: 95’000 copies per issue


Magazine / 6 x year


GMT Magazine has established itself as the leading Swiss watch magazine.

The only REMP 2019 certified watchmaking magazine : 22,741 copies.

Since its creation in 2000, GMT Magazine has earned a reputation as the leading watchmaking magazine and a key player on both the Swiss and international watchmaking scenes.


GMT Magazine changes on a regular basis with new topics produced by experienced journalists as well as expert watchmakers.

Because 80% of watches sold in Switzerland are purchased by tourists, GMT is published in English/French and English/German in order to reach both Swiss watchmaking fans as well as tourists and businesspeople in transit who travel the world and choose to make their watchmaking purchases in Switzerland.

Publication: 6 x per year, of which one edition Lady GMT

* non exclusive, except for clients from the sailing branch


Magazine / 2 x year

My Lux Book


The exclusive, urban Park Hyatt Zurich Hotel is situated just a short walk away from the renowned Bahnhofstrasse shopping street and Lake Zurich. The elegant glass facade discreetly hides what you can expect inside the hotel – a luxurious ambience, vast spaciousness, avant-garde architecture and contemporary art. The 142 rooms and suites have a minimum size of 36 to 72 square metres and offer superior comfort and furnishing with uncompromising functionality.

Subdued earth colours, finest fabrics and spacious bathrooms convey a unique hotel experience.


Free copies of the MY LUX BOOK are available for reading in all public areas of the hotel. The magazine is available to the hotel guests in all rooms and suites. The exclusive magazine is also personally sent to the respective home address of the guests.


The Park Hyatt Zurich Hotel guest is a cultivated, open-minded lover of beautiful things. The guest seeks the special experience. He grasps the scenery and reveals the cosmopolitan fringe culture: the people, the places, the encounters, the trends that the demanding guest wants to experience. The guests seek personal luxury that allows them to live an even more fulfilled, meaningful and enriching life. The Park Hyatt globetrotter is between 28 and 60 years old and has an average income of about CHF 150,000 p.a.


The male Park Hyatt Zurich Hotel guest is successful, well educated, independent and stylish. He sets trends.


The female guest is cultivated and has unique taste. She is a pioneer in travelling and seeks the unique in every metropolis.


America 34 %

Switzerland 17 %

UK 10 %

Germany 9 %

United Arab Emirates 4 %

Russian Federation 2 %

CIRCULATION – 10’000 copies

25% of the magazine’s circulation is put out in the hotel and 75% of the copies are sent to the hotel guests by post together with a personalised handwritten letter.


Magazine / 7 x year


The official magazine of the Swiss Sailing Association.

Quality for the readers, efficiency for advertisers!

"Skippers", the official magazine of the Swiss Sailing Association and the largest nautical events, is the only Swiss magazine entirely devoted to sailing, the sea and its actors. As the undisputed leader of the Swiss sailing press (the last REMP-certified 19,414 copies are sold per issue), the quarterly magazine published in German and French is an indispensable medium for reaching Swiss sailors and boat owners.

Reader profile
More than half of the Skippers' subscribers (53%) own a boat, most of them a sailing and some also motorized boats. Essentially male, this active and wealthy readership is composed for a large majority of executives and managers, with high purchasing power.

A special package is available for the 4 main issues and the 3 special issues:

Skippers Motor: yearly special on motor boats.

Skippers Travel:  yearly special "Travel" and dream Holidays.

Skippers Boards: yearly special on Surf- and Katesports

* non exclusive, except for clients from the sailing sector

Design / Interior / Building


Magazine / monthly

Agefi Immo

AGEFI IMMO is a properties and real estate magazine published by the fi nancial and economic daily L’AGEFI. The "Luxe" issue is published 4 x per year.